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  1. BUMP!!! I just spent several hours beating my head against a wall trying to figure out why a client's Outllok Rules weren't working. Fortunately I decided to Google "eset outlook rules" and stumbled upon this post. JDG... Thanks for pointing out this flaw in ESET! After disabling the ESET Add-In within Outlook my client's Rules started working again. Has there been a fix issued?
  2. Guest_mana_ ... The issue raised in my original post wasn't "how to clean" but rather whether ESET protects against the infection in the first place.
  3. I'd like to say that the "turn off / on computer" method worked, but unfortunately that approach has never worked with regard the ransomware infections I've been asked to clean up (computers that had eset installed). I'll download and install v6 to see if there's any improvement in detection and will download/install v7 after it has matured a bit. Thanks.
  4. Is the FBI MoneyPak malware something that ESS guards against? I have a client whose Win7 laptop is running ESET Smart Security v5. Despite having a fully license, fully updated version of ESS his computer gets infected with this particular malware about once every 2 months. (I'm in the awkware position of having to defend ESS's performance after I strongly recommended the product to guard his computer against infections)
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