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    veehexx gave kudos to Marcos in Endpoint Security can't connect to Push Notification Service   
    Did you configure Apache HTTP proxy as per https://help.eset.com/protect_deploy_va/90/en-US/?enable_apache_http_proxy.html ?
    If you get the EPNS service servers are not accessible Web Console error, follow these steps to disable the connection timeout limits:
    1.Create a configuration file reqtimeout.conf:
    sudo touch /etc/httpd/conf.d/reqtimeout.conf
    2.Open the file in a text editor:
    nano /etc/httpd/conf.d/reqtimeout.conf
    3.Type this setting into the file:
    RequestReadTimeout header=0 body=0
    4.Save the changes a close the file:
    CTRL+X > type Y > press Enter
    5.Open the httpd.conf file:
    nano /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf
    6.Add the following line at the end:
    IncludeOptional conf.d/reqtimeout.conf
    7.Save the changes a close the file:
    CTRL+X > type Y > press Enter
    8.Restart the Apache HTTP Proxy service:
    systemctl restart httpd
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    veehexx received kudos from Peter Randziak in BSOD eamonm.sys after Windows 10 20h1 (2004) upgrade   
    file attached. dated 7-oct-2016, file version: v1.0.0.15
    am i good to go on removing v7.2 now?
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    veehexx gave kudos to Marcos in BSOD eamonm.sys after Windows 10 20h1 (2004) upgrade   
    Yeah, the problematic driver that we saw in another case with BSOD was from 2016 too. Please uninstall v7.2 in safe mode and install 7.3 after starting Windows in normal mode.
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    veehexx gave kudos to MartinK in ESMC computer name mismatch (hostname vs FQDN)   
    Yes please verify that hostname of macOS machine is correctly set. Otherwise AGENT won't be able to report FQDN name to ESMC, and thus ESMC won't be able to pair device with FQDN entries in domain.
    Recently we were solving similar issue as support ticket, and customer used command:
    sudo scutil --set HostName devicename.example.com to correctly set FQDN name on macOS device.
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    veehexx gave kudos to MichalJ in What is correct way to delete duplicate endpoints?   
    For the future versions, we are planning to handle also "merge computer instance records", however it was not planned into the next version In general, what I would recommend is maybe to remove duplicates by "delete not connecting computers task", that you would set to a shorted number. It might delete also legitimate entries. But the agent is not considered as "duplicate" as it reports with a different UUID, as UUID is created upon first connection. But we are aware of this, and plan to handle it in the future. 
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