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  1. above is from support. changed from full to terminal and a test user doesn't have eguiproxy.exe running so seems good. guess we'll see for end users ever the next few days...
  2. had the issue again just now for another user, so it seems not isolated. will raise with support.
  3. us too! Just had this on our new server2019 RDS farm, running eset file security 7.1.12006.0. so far it's an isolated occurrence. One of our IT staff had a disconnected session from last night. When he reconnected this morning he was stuck at something along the lines of 'waiting for configuration profile' as the profile loads up. I forced a logoff of the session which mostly worked, but a single process remained; ' eGUIProxy.exe'. the process eventually ended but not sure what timeout this has. The time between him attempting to connect, me forced logging off that session and attempting to kill eguiproxy.exe with access denied, and the the process ending of it's own accord was around 5 minutes.
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