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  1. That was my assumption when i couldn't find anything in regedit or install folder. Shame. the deployment guy manually activated the clients so at least they're licenced and protected. He only thought to tell me there was an issue today. Hopefully he has a record of who&what went out in the time period (or look at AD creation timestamp) so we can manually confirm their last connected timestamp in ESMC and handle from there.
  2. Redeploying is fine once we discover what devices are affected. what i'm wondering is if there is a way we can query (regkey, script, etc) what the Agent's Server address is currently set as?
  3. We've recently discovered that I missed the install_config.ini file along side an update to the latest agent.msi. fresh installed clients have the server as localhost and not our esmc FQDN. i've done a search in redgedit HLKM for our fqdn and the install dir but neither have a result. Is there a way to confirm what the agent is currently set to via an external method? Yes, i know we can check the server via add/remove programs and modify the agent install but that requires admin rights and only useful for machines we know are affected. We use SCCM to manage software so looking for something i can use for either deployment detection, or a Compliance Item.
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