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  1. Hello. Is it possible for home users to walk back ESET IS about four months, to the most recent version prior to v12.1.34.0? If that is possible, can you please provide a download link? Thank you. Have a nice weekend.
  2. Hello. Would you happen to have an ETA on when the update / fix you mentioned may be issued? Thank you.
  3. UPDATE: Here's an update about the issue that I just noticed. Perhaps it may help to zero in on the problem. If ESET-IS is left open on the system taskbar, no matter where it resides in the Z-order, this problem does not occur. Only when ESET-IS is 'closed' or minimized to the system tray (i.e. ESET-IS is running in the background, parked in the system tray) does the hijacking focus problem occur.
  4. Hi Marcos. I've attached a couple of demonstration videos that show the problem. The second one may be more self-explanatory than the first, so you may just want to skip the first one.
  5. Since my last post, I noticed that this is more calculable and repeatable than I'd first thought. The attached video may be a little more clear about what's going on. This is a longer video, about five minutes and ten seconds. It shows me running the macro, manually giving notepad focus, and then it shows Notepad losing focus to ESET-IS & getting focus back, repeatedly every 18-20 seconds or so for the remainder of the recorded screen video. So, first I run the macro. Next I click on Notepad to give it focus. Finally I let the macro run itself for a little more than five minutes. The updating window on the taskbar is a program called Clipmate. It is merely is displaying the contents of the Windows Clipboard that is being updated once per second by the macro. The contents of the text file, also in the RAR archive, is a mirror to what you're seeing on the clipboard. The macro code is shown on the screen to the right of Notepad so you can kind of see what it's meant to do. Thank you. d ESET-SS Stealing Focus Five Minute Example Using MacroScheduler and Notepad.rar
  6. Hello. I am having the same situation with ESET Internet Security taking over (stealing) focus. In my case this is not restricted to one program. This can happen to me when I am typing here in this forum, it can happen in Opera Browser, in the Brave Browser, in UltraEdit, in Directory Opus, in etc. etc. etc. In fact it's even happened when I was just now trying to open Windows 10 Classic menu, to launch a program. I've written a small macro in MJTNet's MacroScheduler to record the theft and have included it here as an attachment. I've also recorded the macro being run, showing ESET Internet Security is the program taking focus. That recording demonstrates the problem in UltraEdit. If there's anything I can do more to help get this issue resolved, please don't hesitate to ask. As I've typed this message, ESET IS took over focus thrice. It doesn't seem to happen at any given interval, and like I mentioned, it can happen anywhere, at any time. Thank you for your time. d Macroscheduler Macro to show ESET-IS taking over focus.txt ESET IS Taking Over Focus.rar
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