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  1. Fantastic, thank you. I'm sure I absently removed it sometime recently to save screen space. Probably never would have thought to try that.
  2. Nobody else? I'm the only one whose ESMC is intent on making them sad?
  3. I'm not sure what's changed / what I've done to it, but I can't seem to select the whole list of threats and select 'mark as resolved.' I used to scroll through the list, looking for anything that wasn't sufficiently handled, and check all the rest and 'mark as resolved'. I can't do that from that screen anymore, though, for some reason. If I go to either the threat details or the computer details, I can mark the threat as resolved. But, having just had to go through this about 300 times, that seems not okay. Did I change a setting that I can't find somewhere? Did this get updated s
  4. Ah, good to know that you're already on it. I'll be patient. ^^
  5. I found an inconclusive, seemingly unresolved thread from 2015 with an unhelpful title ( https://forum.eset.com/topic/4527-strange-behavior-in-era-6/), but otherwise don't see any mention of "Last scan time" in the forums here. I seem to be seeing the same issue in my ERA / Virtually all of my computer show a "last scan time" of something quite out of date when you go to Computer -> Details, as in the first image. It shows Aug 9th. However, this computer, my computer, is shown in the report (Last scan report -> click on <1day -> Details) as having be
  6. Hm. I thought you were onto something there, but in the attached report screenshot, the last five items from today (9/22/2016) are are all five in the affected computer's quarantine, as pictured. That said, it's interesting that the different types have different actions; the two Win32/NetTool.Portscan.c were "deleted" and the "a variant of Win32/VBObfus" were "cleaned by deleting". I set this computer to "normal cleaning" instead of "strict", fired up FreeFileSync again to get it to try and copy the infected files. The Portscan files, when detected, brought up the screen asking what
  7. I agree with pretty much all of the suggestions in the thread. Something additional that's been bothering me is the inability to sort/filter by all columns available on a report. That is, as far as I have been able to determine, there is no way to create a report of say, just trojans and worms (excluding PUPs, for instance). Even though you can *display* that information in a report as "Active threats . Threat Type", that is not available for selection under Filter, as far as I have been able to determine. Any field that can be displayed on the report should be available for selection for sort
  8. Exactly as the title says. In the Threats section of ERA, under the Action column, some items show "deleted" and others show "cleaned by deleting." I'm curious to know if there is a functional difference, and if not, I'd like to suggest changing them to all be the same.
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