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  1. i'm already enabled anti-theft and it's created new user account named [John] its fake user for the thief , but what i'm talking about is the windows keep creating new user account automatically and duplicating my admin account username [foffa] to [foffa1] [foffa2] [foffa3] its not duplicating the anti-theft user standard account. but after i deactivate anti-theft , the windows working normal and everything is fine ..no more new user account created automatically that's strange so, do i have to deactivate anti-theft to solve this problem? and i'm sorry for my bad grammar
  2. I have Windows 7 ultimate 64-bit and from the last week each time when I login a new user account is created. After I delete it at each start is make again, with different name. Any how the most used name is duplicating my username for example(foffa1)(foffa2). My antivirus (ESET Smart Security 9) says that my computer is not infected. Thanks
  3. Hello, i'm already installed ESET SysRescue into USB. and everything is fine but i'm just wondering do i have to purchase a license/username and password ? if so, can i use the same license that i purchased for ESET smart security 9 ?
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