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  1. After using Eset Smart Security 6 and 7 beta both detected 109 threats after choosing "delete" only move 18 of them to quarantine and others let them free, tried that many times and same happening PS: both version was up-to-date Now switching to another Anti-virus, and I hope that you would do better in v7 full version.. Eset really needs a better improvement
  2. Can you add an option when threats detected it put this option (Delete,Clean, and No action) which applies for all detected threats for example I did scan and found about 500 threats, some of them cleans automatically and some needs a user choice (and which needs user choice <Delete, No action> is more that which cleaned automatically which about 400 so I'm forced to change every threats from <No Action> to delete and that's boring So I suggest that you add a selection box when I select an action (delete for example it applies for all detected threats) Hope you understood this, and sorry for my bad English Regards.
  3. Please add these to tray menu -Update (Product and virus database) -Gamer mode I was wishing to see a new UI or at least an improved one not v6.
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