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  1. Sorry about that..Yes..It's showing the exact same as the above. Would you like me to uncheck it?
  2. Currently I have 9.0.381.0 installed. (advanced update setup) That would be under User Interface, right? I have checked that already, and Display Notifications on Desktop is already checked with a blue box and a white tick inside of the box itself. I would like to add that everything else is working flawlessly and has been ever since I have installed this on my computer. It's still updating but the Notifications are not displaying
  3. Hello all I wonder if someone may give me assistance The desktop notifications that will pop-up when-ever the signatures are updated used to appear in the bottom right hand corner of the screen, now I am not seeing anything at all, from yesterday. I have been through to the User-face & desktop notifications and everything is already pre-checked..Is this just me? Or is anybody else experiencing this as well? If not..is there a known fix, for this? Thank you. Carl.
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