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  1. to know what games ppl play nowadays duh
  2. What kind of games do you like? I like shooters and car racing
  3. Be patient. I had such problem. Check your router settings, connection of the network cable also – it may possibly be conducted incorrectly. Here is a guide http 192.168.l.l . Follow the instructions below. List of the router models and their IP addresses: Airties: Certain models of Huawei: Starlan:, also Upvel и TrendNet: TTNet:
  4. Avast Premier compose of interesting features that you can explore, tweak to make a balance protection at all. Especially many users are interested in the concept of virtualization although DeepScreen may considered as mediocre by some users due to ability to bypass some samples. Their firewall is straightforward and not so complicated.
  5. If you need a good proxy server then check this one https://buy.fineproxy.org/eng/ . There you will find many packages with different IP adresses. Choose one that suits your needs. Overall good service.
  6. good company but i prefer to use avast
  7. these companies must think better about their security
  8. hello i am Andy and I'm happy to be a part of this community
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