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  1. Wonderful, I will get this done and test this. Thank you for the quick response and support with this
  2. Good Afternoon All, I am working through Dynamic Group Templates and attempting to setup automation for Policy assignment in a ESET Deployment across multiple domains. What I am want to achieve is a different policy for each domain and to have this done automatically, not via static administration. In testing and working with this I have 3 Dymanic Groups, => Domain X Group => Domain Y Group => Domain Z Group Using Dynamic Group Templates I am trying to filter as follows, => If Computer name *.xray.local => if Computer name *.yankie.local => if Computer name *.zulu.local This will allow me to assign computers to different dynamic groups based on Domain Membership or the last part of a FQDN Has anyone done this or know how to do this, the template manager seems to want to force me to full computer selection from AD-DS only. Many thanks,
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