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  1. Awesome work guys - always used to wonder why there wasn't an "Official" forum. Will now there is, and it's shiny!!
  2. Hey all! Was a long time ESET user back before ESS was created (NOD32 v2 days). Been away for a long time. Was checking the latest offerings from various companies and am immediately impressed with ESS. Unless anything horrendous happens (which I highly doubt) in the beta, ESS 7 will be my standard security product. Expect I'll be active on these forums doing anything I can to help! The questions: How did you find the ESET Security Forum? - Saw the notice that it had opened over at the Wilders Security Forums. What OS are you running? - Windows 7 Pro X64 What AV are you running? - ESS (BETA) What’s an interesting fact about you? - Lost 50% body-weight in the last year! That's about it, for now!
  3. I actually prefer the new icon, though as Duluc stated, the edges need some work.
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