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  1. I will verify all these settings tomorrow as soon as I get a chance (so busy!)... thank you for the info. I am pretty sure I configured the clients to point to our update server through our policy now, but we were previously using ESET MSP Utilities & LabTec (and whatever licensing goes with that), which we no longer use (I have since uninstalled ESET MSP Utilities). I have no clue how nod32 was installed on these client machines before i got assigned with this. Like I said most of them are working 100% fine no issues whatsoever just a few problematic machines. I will let you know how it goes, one way or the other. Honestly want to upgrade everything to the newest version eventually.. I just want to beat this problem first before I tackle the next task. Thank You
  2. Anybody have any idea why im getting "License expired" errors in ERAC? We used to have username/pass for updates but now we have the update server set up. I pushed out the new info to the clients, but around 20 of the 130+ are reporting "license expired" even though they are receiving the latest updates. I checked the policy and they had the old username/pass still entered... have tried pushing out a new task, changing Update module>Profile>Setup>Username/PW to blank(update server does not require credentials) but its still giving me license expired error... have also tried pushing ESET Kernel>Setup>License keys>Volume 0 (figured that would wipe anything that may be in there?) but that didnt work either. Is there a way I can fix this remotely? They are obviously working and updating correctly but having LICENSE EXPIRED is no good. It would require much time/travel to go uninstall/reinstall on-site. This is a mix of ESET NOD32 AV Business Edition 4.2.71-4.2.76 using ERAC v
  3. So we used to use LabTec... not trying to do that anymore... we have a new license. Can I uninstall the ESET MSP Utilities without breaking things? I had the server all set up good yesterday and ERAC sees all the clients and its updating properly from the mirror server, but when I came in this morning and logged back in to ERAC it complained that I had a trial license, and I had to reupload the .lic file. Im thinking that ESET MSP Utilities is pushing back out the old license info or something?
  4. nevermind i think im starting to figure it all out haha
  5. Well it seems I got the licensing issue worked out but I still have a bunch of clients that arent getting all the latest definitions... I guess we had it set up to get updates through LabTec but not trying to do that anymore... trying to set up HTTP mirror server now... I figured out how to get it working but how do I go about pushing out the new server info to every client? just update it in the server policy?
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