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  1. That is it. Thanks, you saved me a lot of time.
  2. Thanks for help. I will try to disable this setting. Regarding Office365 all I got is this: Mail was reclassified from UNKNOWN to SPAM by blocklist
  3. I have two problems regarding Anti-spam feature i Mail Security. First problem is that Anti-spam Engine catches mails from my own organization and quarantine them with no obvious reason. Normal textual mails without attachments are filtered. I found after some investigation that it is happening when someone from my organization goes home or somewhere other than our location and try to use outlook client to send e-mail. If public IP of their provider is on some blacklist their mail is quarantined even they are authenticated as they should and mail is send to other mailbox inside our organization. I have no idea why ESET check IP address of mail client instead only of mail server sending mail but it does. Other problem is regarding mails coming from someone hosting their emails on Office365 platform. Their mails are ALWAYS ended in quarantine no matter what I do. I even tried to set Allowed domain to IP list with all Office365 IP address ranges I could find but with no luck at all. Tried to add their emails as permitted senders also no luck. Tried to set their domain as permitted Domain senders also nope. Exchange Online Protection mark them as non spam mails but ESET always keep them in quarantine. Problem is that we have a lot of partners using Office365 so I ended up looking every once awhile to Mailbox quarantine which is highly unacceptable not to mention senseless. I am starting to be VERY frustrated. I also contacted our support for ESET in Croatia 10 days ago and send them all of requested logs but they are still silent.
  4. I found that most of setting just don't work. I am extremely disappointed with ESET Mail Security so far. I even consider to abandon ESET solution completely despite the fact that we renew subscription 2 moths ago.
  5. Hi, We use ESET Mail Security for Exchange (2013) and we have problems with mail spoofing. How to setup ESET to allow mails for my domani only from certain IP adresses? Basically I need ESET to check SPF record.
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