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  1. Hi Everyone!! My name is antus ( which is polish and in English is "Anthony) I came across the Eset Security Forum via the web and associates that are members of this forum. My OS is Windows 10 Enterprise and my AV is Eset Nod 32. I have been working with computers since 1999 and thru out the years I had the pleasure of testing and writing reviews on antivirus software, many requests were by Vendors that wanted their software tested and evaluated. My passion growing up was a musician, I played the sax and clarinet and played in a band for 30 years. Now I'm reti
  2. it might be 1 month, 2 months or more. the program must undergo extensive internal testing to ensure that it meets all the specifications for a public release. just wait and check the forum for future announcements. Thanks for the update will keep a eye out for the new version
  3. Noticed when I update the definitions everything shows ok as updated, however when you click on the home tab it does not change it will say example (Last update 14 hours ago) They only way to show it correctly is to reboot? How do we correct this issue?
  4. My question is Nod32 antivirus compatible with Hitman Alert? Or is it necessary?? Does Nod32 provide the same protection offered by Hitman Alert??
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