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  1. As far as I can tell, one needs a smart phone to use 2FA. I do not have a smart phone or any reason to have one. Always wondered how other people in this situation make do.
  2. Just my 2 cents worth here.....I recently got the same Computrace UEFI/BIOS indication 2 days ago (just after upgrading to EIS 11.2.63. My bios firmware is the latest from Dell so I down graded and then updated to the latest bios again and EIS was still barking at me. I then emailed ESET support and the bottom line from them was there was nothing they could do to help me and that I should contact Dell and have them take care of it. I do believe that version 11.2.63 is the culprit and so far none of the definition updates are helping (yet?). I also went back to an earlier version of EIS 11.1.xx and no sign of a problem with the UEFI/bios. I think there are others getting the same indications so you are not alone. Let's hope ESET fixes this soon and in the meantime I have disabled the PUA detection. My start up scans did not find this, just full computer scans.
  3. I can also verify that a second reboot clears up the definition update misinformation!
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