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  1. First, Thanks to Answer about tiresome my topic. then, your meaning is ESET firewall(and HIPS.. etc.) work fine normally in my situation. it's right ? and Windows firewall just turn off manually myself, right ??
  2. Whoooooo............. WIndows 10 Firewall active with ESET SS 9. it is meaning, ESET SS 9 not turn off Windows Firewall. ESET SS 9 Setting is default. i can't see "These settings are being managed by vendor application ESET Smart Security". and Windows Firewall still active with green color with ESET SS 9. if not doing manually turn off Windows Firewall. Windows Firewall not off without that sentence. I sent ESET log file to head office via ESET Korea. and now i'm waiting answer. ESET Korea did remote control my PC. they said it's really very rare issue. i did everthing. i can't remember how many times i did re-install WIndows 10 and ESET SS 9. i can't show to you screenshot. i did un-install ESET SS 9 now. untill ESET solve this issue, i will not use ESET SS 9.
  3. ESET SS 9 Setup is default. i already sent log file to head office via ESET Korea. still not received answer from ESET. i think i already enough explained my situation. screenshot will not help. i'm not professional. but not a rookie about Anti-Malware systems. irrespective of any ESET firewall setting. basically if ESET firewall is ON. necessarily Windows Firewall shutdown by ESET. but, in my case, my ESET SS 9 didn't that. i already many times did re-install Windows & ESET. i'm tired now.
  4. Same problem happend. i don't have idea. ESET firewall still play with Windows Firewll.
  5. Nope. I just readed. i can't understand ESET customer support process. even Bullxxxx McAfee will not like this ! i sent three times e-mail to ESET head office Support e-mail, and not yet received nothing answer. and from ESET Korea, i just hear "We will report to head office after remote control.". can you understand about this situation ? i just wished ESET say to me, we already knew about that issue, and we will fix that next module update.
  6. Asesome. Really Asesome. i already three times reported detail information about ESET SS Firewall problem with Win10. and still ESET not answering. another top brands products normally turn off Windows firewall. Please Stop saying "please re-install, re-boot". maybe i already did 100times. i don't have idea.
  7. Unfortunately, I, for one, am not aware of any firewall issue on Windows 10. Please clarify. OK. After install ESET SS 9 Latest version & reboot in Windows 10 64bit. ESET didn't turn off Windows Firewall. Another Anti-Malware products turn off Windows Firewall normally. (i did test) i thought my Windows have some problem. so, i reinstall clearly Windows and ESET. and same issue happened. i think this is not a MS problem. Security center clearly recognize 3rd party Firewall applications. without ESET.
  8. See here: Eset Smart Security v9 Firewall not registering correctly in Windows Security center reports both windows firewall and eset firewall activated I can go back to the version 8 after passing through 9? ESET firewall work with Windows firewall. Last one is mine.
  9. I hope ESET quickly solve ESET SS 9 Firewall problem with WIndows 10 Firewall.
  10. Another Anti-Malware Brands Co. Really fast answering and supporting. they have many supporting channel for users. Online chat, Remote Control or Fast Answer to e-mail.. any-way. I already twice(maybe three) sent questions e-mail to ESET twe weeks ago. and not yet received answer mail. i don't have idea why i purchased license. i was stupid.
  11. Still not solved. i think ESET Firewall module have some compatibility problem.
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