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  1. When will be 6.4? Now is 6.3 I can upgrade Eset to 6.4 from program? Or I must download from website it and update ?
  2. One more thing not work I try build Powershell script: $i = Get-Content \\\test\Greylist.txt | Measure-Object if($i) { Get-Content \\\test\Greylist.txt | Foreach-Object { eShell server as greylisting add domain-to-ip-whitelist $_ } } I put some domain to Greylist.txt but when this starts eShell server as greylisting add domain-to-ip-whitelist $_ this work but all time needs to user interaction because show every domain and wait to user (enter): A.com B.com c.com 1.com -- More -- (ENTER - Line, SPACE - Page, X - End) What I must do to work without this informatinon Interesting is that this eShell server as filtering add approved-domain-to-ip-list $_ not produce this information Could you help me?
  3. Thanks I think I litte change. Please give me feedback about this: If I good understand not bad idea is 1. enable "Use antispam lists to automatically bypass Greylisting" 2. add all my domain to antispam whitelist If I do 1. and 2. point this (2.) will be bypass Graylist and Antispam module?
  4. Thanks but in your first post you give me information that I should use "Domain to IP whitelist" But in next your post you wrote eshell option domain-to-ip-list This is not the some. What command add domains to "Domain to IP whitelist" not "Approved Domain to IP list" What is diference bettwen this two optins "Domain to IP whitelist" not "Approved Domain to IP list" ? And if I add domain using "Domain to IP whitelist" it will be work as approved domain in GreyList too?
  5. Hi Filip Thanks for your help. This is first case. Is it possible use command line or power shell to add domains to "Domain to IP whitelist" ? What command? If yes I build little script and normal user will add domain to txt file and script will be add it to "Domain to IP whitelist" What is your opinion about decrease from 10 to 2 minuts this option "Time limit for the initial connection denial (min)"?
  6. Hi Because I receive a lot of spam I decide enable greylists in Eset. I have default settings. Sometimes I receive email after more then 12h. Of course if I add this sender to alowed senders and he send me email again I receive it ASAP. What settings I can change to speed up receive emails from senders who are not on greylist or alowed senders? Can eset or exchange put all senders to which we sent emails to alowed senders or they domain there? Any help?
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