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  1. Thank you Tom. So it's not me going crazy then I just checked the settings and to my surprise the one you highlighted was enabled for me. The other one, "Automatic update after user logon", was disabled. I guess I'll switch the latter one on to see if that changes things. UPDATE: switching that option on indeed triggered a update check at startup.
  2. I am using ESET Internet Security, the latest version I believe. Yes everything is working fine. I only want to know why each time I start up my computer ESET does not automatically update anymore. It used to do so when I still ran the latest version of ESET Internet Security 11. To give you even a better understanding of what my issue is, when I am not using my computer I always have it switched off. I usually only boot it up once a day and shut it off at the end of the same day. With version 11 each time I booted up my computer again, after I had it switched off the day before, ESET would automatically update the virus definitions at system start. Now with version 12 it does not. I am merely trying to determine how that came about. It used to work but not anymore.
  3. I am using Windows 10 version 1803. I have recently upgraded Internet Security from version 11 to the latest version 12. I did the upgrade after ESET Internet Security notified me there was a new version available and it installed fine. Ever since this upgrade however at system start up ESET does not automatically update anymore. Updating the definition databases manually however still works, and so do the automatic hourly updates. I was wondering what could cause this behaviour? I don't mind manually updating after my computer boots up but this feature did work normally when I still ran version 11. Is there a setting I missed? Is this intended behaviour? Can someone steer me in the right direction maybe?
  4. Ok, another update on my issue. Hourly check updated as well. I guess that solves my issues
  5. Well, first of, today it did auto update when I booted up my computer. So, I guess that part is solved now. I usually only have my computer on when I'm using it, otherwise it is off. So yesterday I booted it up just once, and indeed did restart it to see if it would auto update. Which it normally does. It however didn't. Now, about 3 - 5 minutes later when I booted up my laptop it did auto update. So, I thought it still wasn't solved, or maybe had to do with the fact my laptop is running Windows 32-bit and my computer 64-bit. There was a similar issue with ESET before some time ago with my 64-bit computer - it couldn't update because of a fault in a module. That's why I wondered. Anyway, the behaviour I saw yesterday isn't uncommon for me really. I mean, updates showing on the website and not being applied yet. Servers could still be syncing etc., which is ok. I guess this is what I experienced yesterday, but because I already had issues with updating for days I just assumed it wasn't fixed yet.
  6. I just checked if ESET updates automatically when booting up and the answer is no. I again had to manually update. I don't know what you guys did but that new update screwed up the automatic update for me. It won't update when I boot up my computer, and it will not update during an hourly update if there is a new VSD available. This used to be much better really. Maybe you should check if that new system actually works properly? Because I find it very annoying I have to click that update button when I see there is a new update available. I am a very patient man, but this has been going on for days now and all I hear is it should improve over the weekend. Well, it did not.
  7. Well, I can now update with just one click on the manual update button, but automatic updates after my computer has booted up are still a no-go. I also noticed hourly updates do not work, I still have to manually check for updates. Hopefully this will resolve itself soon.
  8. Yep, it doesn't seem to be fully solved still. SlashRose, what exactly do you mean with your license problem?
  9. I also forgot to add it's been like this for almost the entire afternoon and evening. It just won't update
  10. My laptop also does not update. It is stuck at 10435. ESET same version, Windows 8 32-bit. Can somebody please get back to me on this, so I know for sure what's causing this? I already was hacked twice quite some time ago and ever since I just want my virus scanner to be up-to-date.
  11. Somehow for some reason my Smart Security is not updating the virus signatures database. I am stuck at 10432. I tried manual updating several times, nothing. Can somebody tell me if there is something wrong with the update servers, or is experiencing this problem too? I am using Windows 7 64-bit. Smart Security version 6.0.316.1.
  12. Marcos! You are so quick with replying Thank you for the feedback. I'll just relax and wait then
  13. I was wondering if there are any issues with the update servers? I just can't seem to update the virus database to the latest one, 9962, on both my PC and laptop. I am running ESET Smart Security 6 on my PC and laptop and both can not update to the latest virus database. When I try to manually update the database it just doesn't do anything and says the database is up-to-date. My PC is running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit, my laptop is running Windows 8 32-bit. Can someone tell me if there are any issues, or has the same problem? Almost two hours ago I also noticed these forums were down, so maybe something is going on? Thank you in advance.
  14. I just saw the virus database update 8765 is listed on the website, but my ESS6 has not updated yet - not even when I try manually. So, I figured just to be safe to ask here. So, has this update already been released or has the update info been posted on the website while the update is not available for download yet? Or is there another reason why the update can't be downloaded? As I said, just wondering
  15. I am running ESET Smart Security 6.0.316.1. Since yesterday the virus database updates are downloaded much slower than they normally would. I do get them but it takes much longer for them to arrive. Sending a ping to update.eset.com shows me time-outs as well. Also, when I click on the version number of the database to see the details of that certain update I do get the Virusradar page, but it displays older virus database updates. Yesterday this page wasn't even working at all. Are there any issues going on right on? I'd like to see if it is a problem on my end or somewhere else.
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