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  1. Thanks zhekdia, that seems to have solved it! That should be mentioned more prevelantly in ESET documentation IMHO - I've never had to uninstall before upgrading! Thanks again
  2. Hi Marcos, Sorry, I forgot to mention! Windows Server 2008, English. Thanks! Matt
  3. Hi all I'm making my way through the ERA 5 > 6 upgrade, and am getting the following error regarding service installation: hxxp://imgur.com/7DMi6ec The installation is under a Domain Admin account, with UAC turned off. Could anyone advise what to do to troubleshoot please? Many thanks in advance Matt EDIT: This is Windows Server 2008 English
  4. A superb result.. I look forward to installing it on an Android phone soon
  5. Happy Thanksgiving to all celebrating, we'll just be happy with a few of the Black Friday inspired sales in the UK
  6. Thank you to everyone that replied, you have been a great help! I've now implemented this at home and will look to test/rollout on our corporate network. Thanks again!
  7. Hi all, I may be having a slow day, but I cannot find an option to automatically scan USB drives when attached (instead of a prompt) - could anyone advise me how to set this option please? I am using ESS 6. Is this option also available in Endpoint Antivirus - as I would like to set this option at work too, please? Many thanks in advance Matt
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