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  1. I use the emergency kit witch not have online shields. I get this message only when i update it like you and not always. If you leave it for one-two days when you open to update it then maybe you get this message. Maybe is a compatibility problem with eset and eek self protection driver?
  2. When running EEK a lot of times, I get this message from Windows, "A digitally signed driver is required". Another user have the same problem here: This is only when i have eset installed latest version windows 10 pro with all updates. It is possible the eset to stop the EEK driver from loading?
  3. When i have in windows 10 with quick boot enabled. Eset last version 9.0.381.0 failed to load at startup. The small icon near the clock is not exist and i cant open the eset from the shorcut in my desktop. Only a restart resolves it. Windows 64 all updates installed in kingston ssd v300 latest firmware.