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  1. I fixed it. I reset my firefox profile and now works.
  2. Today i start having a problem with mozilla. When i have ssl/tls enabled i have SEC_ERROR_BAD_SIGNATURE problems. I enabled and disabled ssl/tls and also i unistalled eset antivirus and the i reinstalled but it dont fix it. What else i can try? Or it is a bad definition update from eset?
  3. Today 2 different pcs have the eset grid notification that disappear every 10 minutes and the reappear. It is possible to disable the notification at least? Thanks for the answer Marcos we post the same time!
  4. The new version 11 says always that update has not been run yet, but i have updated multyple times mannually.
  5. I have the version whitch have the bug that it cant find an aplication update because it totally broken. Also it has the exclusion bug that it only works only for c disk. So i wait from you to release to release the full packet so i can update it. What the point to relelease when noone with can update it within aplication.
  6. I use the emergency kit witch not have online shields. I get this message only when i update it like you and not always. If you leave it for one-two days when you open to update it then maybe you get this message. Maybe is a compatibility problem with eset and eek self protection driver?
  7. When running EEK a lot of times, I get this message from Windows, "A digitally signed driver is required". Another user have the same problem here: https://support.emsisoft.com/topic/26769-a-digitally-signed-driver-is-required/ This is only when i have eset installed latest version windows 10 pro with all updates. It is possible the eset to stop the EEK driver from loading?
  8. When i have in windows 10 with quick boot enabled. Eset last version 9.0.381.0 failed to load at startup. The small icon near the clock is not exist and i cant open the eset from the shorcut in my desktop. Only a restart resolves it. Windows 64 all updates installed in kingston ssd v300 latest firmware.
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