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  1. Hi everyone, We are using ERA 6.4 and last EES client version. We choose the OVA centOS 6.7 and try to set up Apache HTTP Proxy. I'd like to introduce my answer with this topic https://forum.eset.com/topic/7389-mirror-tool/?p=40011 In fact it was told that to use Apache HTTP proxy we need Apache 2.4.10 AT LEAST What a surprise to see that in the OVA you provide, it is a CentOS 6.7 wich supports only Apache 2.2 version. So I'm wondering what my options are to set up Apache HTTP Proxy to my client?? Is anyone here tried to install last Apache version on CentoOS 6.7 provided in the OVA? Thank you in advance for your help and your time
  2. Hi everyone, I'm stucked with a problem and all solutions I find didn't help me :/ I try to apply web filtering on clients with EES. SSL is enabled and work properly. Then I filter on category like adult content, malware, peer to peer... Our client needs to enable youtube navigation but disable others streaming ways. So in category filtering i blocked streaming and try to allowed youtube by URL. To resume : Rule 1) Allow https://www.youtube.* Rule 2) Block category including streaming (audio and video) Is there any chance you could help me with this? Maybe the format of my URL is wrong... :/ Thank you a lot for your help : ) Conf : ERA 6.4 (linux appliance) Client EES last version
  3. Thank you a lot for your time and your answer. It works like a charme
  4. Hi everyone We are using EES 6.4 on W10 64b, remotely administrated with ERA. The point is for a common/normal client(User1/ComputerA), I set up a policy where the GUI is on silent mode. So, User1 can't access or start EES. Now, if our helpdesk(User2) has to achieve some configuration on the computer, he logs in on an other Windows session. On the SAME computer (ComputerA), it's possible to allow User2 to acces the GUI? To resume : Is there any posibility to differenciate policy according the user on one computer? In fact when I asked for this particularity, 2 weeks ago to a member of the integration crew, he confirmed that it was ok to implement. Thank you in advance for your help Best regards
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