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  1. Many thanks for that tip Marcos - the wizard uncovered the ip address used by my CISCO VPN so I was able to add the private ip range so that multiple workers could use RDP to gain access to their workstations. Far safer than simply opening the port for "any" access from anywhere. Remote users have to authenticate through the CISCO before they will be able to use Remote Desktop from outside our internal network. It also uncovered a problem between an HP Multi-functional printer which provides e-Print services to remote users who print from mobile devices to the office printer [iDS was blo
  2. Thanks Marcos I use CISCO Anyconnect to VPN to my office and having connected use Remote Desktop to access my office PC from my home PC - or on the road from my laptop. Under Windows 10 Firewall - this was not a problem - because I assume it sees my connection as being from within the trusted zone. With ESET Firewall - this connection is blocked! I too would prefer not to open port 3389/TCP from everywhere - but home PC and laptop on the move have dynamic ip addresses - so confining the port to a single ip won't work. Is there a more secure solution? Many thanks John
  3. Just installed Endpoint Security 6 on Windows 10 desktop with ESET firewall active. Can RDP locally from one workstation to another - but can no longer RDP from external. Windows firewall did allow RDP from external via internet - and still does if I disable ESET firewall completely. Can someone please supply rule to be added to permit RDP through ESET firewall from internet - and what setting to select - Automatic mode; Interactive mode; Policy based mode or Learning mode ?? NB - need to RDP from a laptop - so don't have fixed public ip! Many thanks
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