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  1. Hi Richard There will be new version of Antivirus/Security appearing in the rep in few days, which is supposed to fix this issue. We shall see
  2. Thank you Marcos for your reply, I didn't think someone would still bother. Anyway, I'm following this topic (where I should have posted mine in the first place probably) as I think it is the same reason for this behavior. So I'm waiting now for the latest version of Antivirus to appear in rep. BTW, it is taking longer to release it than originally mentioned (first Monday, then Wednesday and now it still may take few days for it to appear in rep). Main thing though, hopefully it fixes the issue. Regarding your post, I'm using the latest Antivirus and I do not want to disable W Defender via GPO. I don't think this is best practice.
  3. Dear Community I am dealing with very unusual behavior after upgrading our computers to Windows 10 (build 1607) It has never happened on Windows 7, shall I say. Long story short, after re-imaging ca. 300 computers with Windows 10 around 10-15 computers were affected by this: I ran the script to install the agent manually, once installed I created a task in ERA to deploy AV. On those 10-15 PCs the AV is not listed under installed programs (Programs and Features), there is no folder in the start menu, either. However there is a folder in c:\programm files\eset\antivirus and also in "appdata" folder. On the console itself it gives me the icon of AV and agent next to the computer name as well as in the description of security product, where it says ESET Endpoint Antivirus 6.5.2094.0 But again, if I go into "Show Details" under overview tab and "installed applications" it only shows the agent, no Antivirus. So, I followed the guide hxxp://support.eset.com/kb2289/#Windows10 how to uninstall the Antivirus and then to install it again from the console. Now, at least I get a folder in the start menu and actually can open the Antivirus locally, but still not listed under Installed Programs and again in the console it gives me the icon of AV but it does not show it in "Installed Applications - show details". Any suggestions will be much appreciated. Please see the attached pictures Just an update from today - It has happened today on another PC again. I forgot to mention that when deploying the AV from ERA, it gives the icon next to the computer name, it does not appear in Installed Applications but it will alert me, that the product is not activated and of course the signature is not up to date (please see the pictures). I think there is a bug in the current ESET products version and Windows 10. I have never had these issues on Windows 7 and it is really annoying because as I mentioned I am upgrading almost 500 computers to Windows 10 and this is causing massive issues. At the moment I have at least 15 PCs, which I do not know, is the AV installed on them, is it not? They report the product is not activated, which should be done during deployment, I get critical errors because the signature is not up to date. I spent hours so far trying to fix it manually on some computers with no luck. It would be nice if someone from ESET would at least say something. I shall mention, that our renewal is due in August and at the moment my boss is not very impressed.
  4. I get this quite often, all the time. The easiest and quickest fix I found, was to uninstall the agent with a special uninstaller (don't want to mention here ) and then install it again running the script.
  5. Hi there I had the same issue in this topic. I managed to get it running again by manually re-deploying the webconsole. Hope it helps.
  6. Just an update. It is now all up and running. The issue was, when I extracted the .zip file into webapps folder as per you instruction, it ended up in the Webapps folder and not in Era. So, I just created new Era folder in there and moved all files in there and it is now back to normal. You may want to update the path, where to extract, in your guide. Thanks.
  7. Hi There I have re-deployed the webconsole manually following the guide and now does not even load the webpage. It says page cannot be found. Any ideas?
  8. Hi Martin I am having the same issue after I ran the Components upgrade yesterday. Is this the correct guide to re-deploy Webconsole manually? I have to admit I did restart the service for ERA server after the upgrade (ca. 30 min afterwards) as I was not aware it might take even hours and found some suggestions to troubleshoot here, before I came across the the one, where it said do not restart the service while the upgrade is still running. First thing this morning I tried to login, unfortunately the same message. Your help is much appreciated. Regards
  9. Hi Martin How do I check the status.html log of problematic agents?
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