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  1. Hi, First heads up to my friend Aryeh Goretsky. He has always been a gentleman when interacting with me. I build computers for a living. I was a 7 year MS MVP desktop support I'm a long time supporter of Eset and I recommend the software to all my customers. Even if I don't always agree with update releases, I've never been stifled when being vocal on this site. Also, Marcos is a patient man ☺️
  2. I don't see settings for this in 1909 and I don't use virtualisation.
  3. Well that's a first. Why am I not seeing this on all the other machines that run the same set-up except they aren't new installs ?
  4. Hi all, I wanted to see if this issue would go away after a few updates but it doesn't. On boot Eset is not recognized as active and after 10-15 minutes or more, everything falls into place. This is a full clean install of a Z390-A Asus board and latest image of Windows 10 18563. I have built a whole bunch of these machines and this is a first. I must say that I really don't care about the message but it makes the customers nervous. Can anybody tell me why this is happening and is there is a fix? Thanks.
  5. Defender is set to off. Now eset is showing as active. Very weird.
  6. I have just noticed that on boot Eset shows as running and about 10 minutes later I get the warning that it's not running and when I look that is effectively the case. Marcos, any idea please ?
  7. Yes. but one is an ESET upgrade the other clean install of 0.24
  8. Message change. Still there but not as often. This is a total new install. I don't see that with my main machine with updated version.
  9. Hi all, Created a new windows install. Added NOD32 latest version 13.0.24 (new install) and I get this message every time. BOTH ANTIVIRUS ARE DISABLED 😥 I uninstalled and reinstalled but to no avail.😩
  10. WOW, that was fast. Message gone. You can close this discussion. Thanks.
  11. Hi, Just installed a new version on a rebuilt computer. Getting message about Live Grid « The identification information to connect to Live Grid is not correct (translated) » What's the issue ? Thanks.
  12. Other error: The Windows Security Center Service was unable to load instances of AntiVirus Product from datastore. Also event 17 Security Center failed to validate caller with error DC040780.
  13. Good call. That's what I did initially. Thanks.
  14. Marcos, Any idea about the problem ? Thanks.
  15. Live grid also locked out. Here is another report. I have to go back to regular service. This is my main machine. eav_logs_Part2.zip
  16. Here you go Marcos eav_logs.zip
  17. Hi all, Just updated Symantec Encryption Desktop 10.4.2.MP3 (PGP Disk) on three machines. After each install I get Issues with NOD32 Antivirus. If I uninstall and reinstall NOD 32, issues go away. I'm not sure if the problem is related to PGP PGPWLD pwflt.dll. One machine out of three updated without the problem of module updates not working. I cleared the update cache to no avail. Marcos, got any ideas why this is happening with this update of PGP and did not with other updates ? SEE Images Thanks.
  18. System settings have not been modified or changed in the past month. Only added feature is update to Symantec Encryption Desktop_10.4.2 MP1 HF1 After that, issues started with server. Proxy settings were not touched. I uninstalled NOD 32 completely and reinstalled. So far, no messages. I did same update of Symantec Encryption Desktop_10.4.2 MP1 HF1 on another computer and same issues happened. I have another computer that was not updated and nothing has gone wrong so far. There seems to be a conflict between Symantec Encryption Desktop and NOD 32.
  19. Hi, As title mentioned also for updates I get Could not connect to server. Just in case it might be related, I updated Symantec drive encryption software.
  20. OK Marcos, so it doesn't. The new pre-release HIPS doesn't show the error. When is the release scheduled?
  21. Version Same issue. ScRegSetValueExW
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