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  1. esets_daemon freeze

    Hello Peter, thanks for the update. So now i will be beta tester for a paid software in production environment. Does not look professional, sorry it is not acceptable. Would you mind refunding our purchase and giving free license as compensation?
  2. esets_daemon freeze

    Happened again 24 hours later ESET support is useless, replied
  3. esets_daemon freeze

    I am using ESET smtp scanner from 2 years and never had this problem before. Now with 4.5.9 it freezes and mails are deferred because of this error: conversation with[] timed out while receiving the initial server greeting I tried service esets restart and it froze too. Had to kill all eset services and start esets. Hope for a fix ASAP, it is inadmissible for a paid software in production version.