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  1. Maybe you misunderstood my comment?

    I said that i wished ESET had our backs on this like they did for eternal blue. Not that the vulnerability is similar, obviously SMB1 is different from this CryptoAPI vulnerability, also different from Apache struts for that matter.   All three have been patched to varying degrees by their respective software vendors, all three exploit very different things. I was asking if Eset would block and alert on attempts to exploit the CryptoAPI Vulnerability (as they do with attempts to exploit Eternalblue, apache struts, etc, etc)  mostly so i can tell our decision makers that not only are we patched, and our checkpoint firewall will block the attacks,  but ESET has our backs as well.

    If not and our only layers of defense are our firewall (it will alert at attempts of cryptoapi spoofing), and the patching of windows (there is also an event triggered on exploit attempt here), so be it - I was just asking if we had a 3rd layer of protection in ESET on this particular vulnerability.

    Is this something you know the answer to @itman or is this a better question for @Marcos ?


  2. Description: ERA Accessible without internet access.

    Detail: Would like to ensure that the newest versions of ERA will still allow a locally installed product that would not become unusable if internet access were lost. If our internet provider were having issues i would still like to be able to manage ESET products within our local network, receive threat notices, manage connected devices, etc.


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