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  1. Just doing the uninstall blindly I'd imagine you'll run into HIPS issues (self protection). I'd also imagine that the scripts are there to be run by the ERA Agent, likely kept in a way that is unusable otherwise (that'd be my guess). I have a tool that will do an uninstall for the windows version (they have the tool available on their web page), i know for the current windows version of the tool it requires safe mode to operate.. but all that can be scripted if needed. Would the instructions here help? https://support.eset.com/kb3244/
  2. this issue, and several others that are being pushed off until 2018/Version 7 (auto-resolve of 'handled' infections, etc) cost me a significant amount of time in day-to-day maintenance of an application that should not be this hands on. These issues have been 'on the radar' since just after the release of version 6. The time to manage this 'small' issues with ESET build up and have started to make managing ESET more difficult and time consuming that it was during our initial assessment of the product. If what is holding these advancements/improvements back is marketing or design or some other such nonsense, it is causing those who purchase licenses by the thousand, more than just minor headaches, and these solutions should be tested and released immediately. I do not like having to spend hours each week managing my virus scanning software licences just because an improvement is being held back. Please tell me that there is a technical reason for holding back it's release and not just 'we want it on this release schedule'.. this like this make it difficult for me to argue for ESET vs potentially less time consumptive solutions. Jdashn
  3. @MichalJ I had thought I had seen a post stating that the next version of ERA was planned to be fully cloud based. This will not work for our org. due to the issues I had mentioned, as long as ESET does not plan on ONLY offering ERA in the cloud then we've got no concerns. Thanks! Jdashn
  4. Description: ERA Accessible without internet access. Detail: Would like to ensure that the newest versions of ERA will still allow a locally installed product that would not become unusable if internet access were lost. If our internet provider were having issues i would still like to be able to manage ESET products within our local network, receive threat notices, manage connected devices, etc.