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  1. @MichalJ Any chance you were able to get a release date? Thanks!! Jdashn
  2. I as well seem to be encountering this issue, with only select servers. Others seem to be able to grab the files just fine. Attempting to update eset file security from 6.5.12007.0 to 7.0.12014.0, using a manually created task, or the 'Update Eset Products' button. ~edit: I can get logs if needed, I can also be available for testing. We are located in USA, and can get external IP if needed as well.
  3. jdashn

    ESMC shows wrong status

    I think the best solution would be the option to launch task after a task is completed, or task sequencing. This would allow for this current example, plus more complex tasking (install agent, reboot, install endpoint, reboot, full scan, run command (script) that sends email stating install tasks are completed -OR- runesetuninstaller.exe /nosafemode /force via cmd, reboot, runesetuninstaller.exe /nosafemode /force, reboot, runesetuninstaller.exe /nosafemode /force, reboot, install latest version of eset). I had thought this was going to be included in v7 of the product-- it was not.
  4. @MichalJ I had thought I had seen a post stating that the next version of ERA was planned to be fully cloud based. This will not work for our org. due to the issues I had mentioned, as long as ESET does not plan on ONLY offering ERA in the cloud then we've got no concerns. Thanks! Jdashn
  5. Description: ERA Accessible without internet access. Detail: Would like to ensure that the newest versions of ERA will still allow a locally installed product that would not become unusable if internet access were lost. If our internet provider were having issues i would still like to be able to manage ESET products within our local network, receive threat notices, manage connected devices, etc.