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  1. Thanks @Marcos There are several legal requirements we've got to consider when sending logs externally, especially if they could potentially contain PHI (which could include email subject lines, body), just was hoping you'd be able to tell me that the logs wouldn't include this sort of information, but i'm guessing by your answer it does?
  2. @foneil we moved from 4.5 to 6.x so we had to uninstall then re-install so i had to re-place settings manually (which is also how i realized there are many missing features between the two) i replicated as many of the settings as i could. @filips Thanks! i've got our firewall guys looking into if any of that is currently being blocked. @Marcos Yes a hub transport role, if i enable these logs and send over, what information will it capture (we deal with a lot of PHI... will i have to sanitize?)? This is starting to become a big deal as the CIO has noticed a significant increase in spam, and some of it is certainly malicious (phishing attempts, etc). Is there a standard set of settings i should be looking to make sure i've got setup? Thanks to all three of you for your help with this issue so far! Jdashn
  3. A little while ago we moved from EMSX 4.5 to the latest version, because of the pending (already happened?) anti-spam support ending. When we moved to the latest version we noticed most settings were different, and there were FAR FAR fewer options - though we figured that they went away because they did little, or they were turned on by default... or some such... Assuming protection would be stronger with a more recent version. This seems to not be the case, we have been getting very consistent reporting from users stating that they are getting e-mails into their inbox that used to go to spam, enough reports that it cannot be a coincidence (additionally these staff reporting were not aware a change took place, so they weren't looking for problems). I'm wondering what we could do to get back the protection it seems we have lost with the upgrade? Are there settings I may be missing? Any assistance would be appreciated in this matter! Thanks Jdashn
  4. Filips, Thanks a ton for the info! any chance we can have a feature that says block tmp files unless they're inside an office container? (totally understand if not!) Thanks again, Jdashn
  5. I'm finding that one of my Exchange mail protection Rules to block potentially harmful extensions is blocking certain Docx and other Office files, but not all. I was able to narrow it down to the rule that attempts to block the *.tmp extension. Is there anyone who my know why eset would be blocking some Office documents sent via outlook under a rule to block sending of *.tmp files? Thanks Jdashn
  6. Greylist logs From EMSX

    Ended up contacting support. Was told that the way to do this is to enable Text Logging (Setup, Tools, Log files, Enable text Log) from there you can set a file type (csv is easily human and machine readable, text and eventlogs were also offered) and then point to a network location if needed. All of the logs then populated, inlcuding those for Device Control, Grey List, Hips, MailServer, Virus, and warnings. Additional folders were created for eScan and ServerOnDeman as well! I hope this helps anyone else in their transitions or if looking to gather this information centrally to process. Jason
  7. I know in previous versions (Eset mail 4.5, ERA 5x) we were able to see greylist logging from the ERA console. Is this available in the current version of the products? I'm looking around and can only see this logging available on the individual machines only, i'm guessing i'm just not seeing it? If it's available to be seen via ERA (6x) would it be possible to let me know how? or if there is a way to automate the saving of the local greylist logs somewhere else for processing? thanks a ton! Jdashn
  8. Mark says he's sorry!

    https://techcrunch.com/2016/05/26/facebook-starts-selling-offsite-ads-targeting-non-users-too/ https://betanews.com/2018/02/19/facebook-tracking-users/ Beacons,cookies,ads,'sharewithfacebook' buttons,etc..
  9. Mark says he's sorry!

    @TomFace Sad to say, user or not facebook is likely watching you, and selling your info. I think if you're in the EU you've got some additional protections.. but not much, really.
  10. this issue, and several others that are being pushed off until 2018/Version 7 (auto-resolve of 'handled' infections, etc) cost me a significant amount of time in day-to-day maintenance of an application that should not be this hands on. These issues have been 'on the radar' since just after the release of version 6. The time to manage this 'small' issues with ESET build up and have started to make managing ESET more difficult and time consuming that it was during our initial assessment of the product. If what is holding these advancements/improvements back is marketing or design or some other such nonsense, it is causing those who purchase licenses by the thousand, more than just minor headaches, and these solutions should be tested and released immediately. I do not like having to spend hours each week managing my virus scanning software licences just because an improvement is being held back. Please tell me that there is a technical reason for holding back it's release and not just 'we want it on this release schedule'.. this like this make it difficult for me to argue for ESET vs potentially less time consumptive solutions. Jdashn
  11. @MichalJ I had thought I had seen a post stating that the next version of ERA was planned to be fully cloud based. This will not work for our org. due to the issues I had mentioned, as long as ESET does not plan on ONLY offering ERA in the cloud then we've got no concerns. Thanks! Jdashn
  12. Description: ERA Accessible without internet access. Detail: Would like to ensure that the newest versions of ERA will still allow a locally installed product that would not become unusable if internet access were lost. If our internet provider were having issues i would still like to be able to manage ESET products within our local network, receive threat notices, manage connected devices, etc.