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  1. If you created a rule that deletes all *.JS files, it will also delete archives that contain *.JS files - there is no need to create another rule
  2. Returning of the message to quarantine after "Release" is caused by the fact that the rule still applies (e.g. subject still contains some forbidden words). To avoid repeated quarantining you can: 1. add "Internal message" "False" condition - rule will be applied to external messages only (the message is released using pickup directory - will be marked as internal and the rule will not hit again) OR 1. add "Message headers" "does not contain" "X-ESET-Rules: myrule" condition 2. add "Add header field" "X-ESET-Rules: myrule" action -> when the rule is applied, it will add "X-ESET-Rules: myrule" header to the message - and it will not hit again for messages that have such header (when releasing)
  3. First problem is a bug - redirection from HTTP to HTTPS ignores custom port setting - will be fixed in EMSX 6.4 Second problem - which browser(s) did you use? can you give us a more detailed description of the error?
  4. Yes, it does - file type rules are now evaluated in all types of archives that are known to the scanner
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