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  1. Hi Jonathan, you could also try upgrading your EFSW to 6.4 and check if the issue persists
  2. Hi, this is probably a known issue of 4.5 - when VSAPI evaluates rules, it may use two values of sender - email address and display name. In that case the NOT operator does not work as expected. try something like this: NOT email@address.com AND NOT "display name" (both display name and email address used by VSAPI can be seen in log after enabling diagnostic logging)
  3. Hi Tridec, There is no spam score in EMSX v6. New antispam engine returns only ham/spam result. To change the action use "Action to take on spam message" setting.
  4. Check this thread: I think you are having the same problem
  5. Hi jadorwin, this error means that automatic exclusions for IIS were not generated because our current server products do not recognize IIS 10. This will be fixed soon. You can add these exclusions manually to Advanced setup/Computer/Exclusions: The default values are: "c:\inetpub\logs\logfiles\*\*.log", "c:\inetpub\temp\IIS Temporary Compressed Files\*.*" (more info here: https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/raymond_ris/2014/01/16/windows-antivirus-exclusion-recommendations-servers-clients-and-role-specific/) If you don't want to see the error in logs, you can disable Microsoft Internet Information Services under Advanced setup/Computer/Automatic exclusions
  6. Hi CraigB, setting "Write scan results to message headers" can only be enabled/disabled, you cannot choose any subset of messages (e.g. incomming). If these headers are causing you problems then you will have to disable them completely. If you still want to keep the scan results in headers, then you could create some custom rules. Something like this: Conditions: Internal message: False Antispam scan result: Spam Actions: Add header field: "X-MY-AS-HEADER: SPAM" Evaluate other rules
  7. Products have already been released: ESET Security for Microsoft SharePoint Server version 6.4.15015 ESET Mail Security for IBM Domino version 6.4.14024 ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange Server version 6.4.10011 ESET File Security for Microsoft Windows Server version 6.4.12004
  8. I just created the same rule as you in my test environment and received the notification Please test your "Email notifications" settings by sending an email with eicar file. You should receive malware notification. if you don't then these settings are not correct or there is a problem with SMTP server
  9. Hi hungtt, Please make sure that the severity of "Send email notification" action is higher or equal to "Minimum verbosity for notifications" set in email notifications it should be set to warning in your case (or lower the "Minimum verbosity for notifications")
  10. Make sure you met the minimum system requirements - Microsoft Windows Server 2003 SP2
  11. Hi, you can disable cleaning (Server protection/Antivirus and antispyware/ThreatSense setup) and set "Action to take if cleaning not possible" to "Delete message" (Server protection/Antivirus and antispyware/Transport agent)
  12. Hello nardog, Outlook add-in can catch threats that are already in your mail database, e.g. if a threat was not detected at the time of scanning by mail transport protection (and is detected after virus signature database update)
  13. Hi, which version of EFSW do you use? Please try changing the setting "If task was skipped the next run should occur" to "At next scheduled time". Does it help?
  14. Hi hungtt, there is no support for filtering based on keywords in message body. This feature is planned for next major version of EMSX. To search in body, you can only use Blocked body domain list (Antispam/Filtering and verification) to block emails with some domains in body.
  15. We've received more support cases regarding activation recently. These problems were fixed a few days ago, are you still experiencing the problem with activation/update?
  16. Version 4.5 of EMSX didn't support message headers rule. BTW. EMSX 6.4 runs on Exchange 2003 or newer
  17. Hi Lenif, which version of File Security do you use? Please check "Events" log in File Security, errors should be logged there. How often do these errors occur?
  18. Hi TedGlass, There is no spam score column in EMSX v6. If you receive spam that is not caught by AS protection please collect some samples and submit them to support.
  19. Hi, only no action/quarantine/reject/drop silently actions are available. You could select No action and set the SCL value of spam messages using rules - and let the exchange server's content filter/transport rules decide what to do (but i am not sure whether you could combine these 2 actions or not)
  20. Hi, To install an equivalent of Core installation, execute following command: Msiexec /qn /i efsw_nt64_ENU.msi /l inst.log ADDLOCAL=HIPS,_Base,SERVER,_FeaturesCore,WMIProvider,Scan,Updater,eShell,UpdateMirror,RealtimeProtection,_License
  21. Hi, this KB article describes how to contact support: hxxp://support.eset....2/?locale=en_US
  22. Hi, Which version of EMSX do you have? Some issues related to antispam whitelists were already fixed - upgrade of EMSX could probably help. To remove a trusted domain from cloud blacklist please contact support.
  23. hi ivanp74, which version of EMSX do you use? If you use 6.3+ then you can create a transport rule (Advanced setup/Server/Rules) condition: Message headers contain "RDNS failed" action: quarantine/drop/reject If you use 6.4 then you can enable SPF
  24. We use our own reputation servers with more complex evaluation. There is no public documentation to this topic at this time. As for user-defined RBL and DNSBL servers – an example of a RBL server could be https://www.spamhaus.org/sbl/, and an example for an additional DNSBL server could be https://www.spamhaus.org/dbl/.
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