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  1. The antispam engine will be disabled competely. We are already releasing new Mailserver module that disables the antispam engine to prevent more serious errors that could occur after April 1st. We prepared a KB article with details, you can find it at https://support.eset.com/kb7118/ Yes, anti-malware will work correctly
  2. Hi, Try executing "SHPIO13.exe displaystructure" under the same account as provided to our product. Are there any errors?
  3. Filtering rules are executed before AS/AV scan and result processing after AS/AV scan (https://help.eset.com/emsx/7.0/en-US/idh_config_mailserver_rules.html) X-ESET-AS is header with some diagnostic information, you could compare it with regex, it looks like header of whitelisted mail contains "OP=WL"
  4. Hi davidenco, "Approved Domain to IP List" and the "Ignored Domain to IP List" are used only by antispam engine To whitelist some IP addresses, modify the rule - create a condition "Sender's IP address is not any" and specify list of allowed IP addresses Only on-demand database scan rules can affect emails while scanning with on-demand database scan, transport rules are used only when scanning by transport agent
  5. Hi, as marcos noted this error is logged when automatic exclusions for Microsoft SQL server are enabled. Automatic exclusions for Microsoft SQL server are using ADO API to read information from "sys.master_files" table to get list of files to exclude from scanning. The ADO API obviously loads a DLL that is not signed. As a workaround, automatic exclusions for Microsoft SQL server can be disabled.
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