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  1. @marcos My last attempt to fix was manually uninstalling Endpoint Antivirus via Control Panel, then verifying that all files were deleted from the Program Files Folder, leaving only the Agent. Then I verified all registry keys had been cleared/removed, and made sure that Creator, System and Administrators had full rights to the Endpoint Antivirus registry key. Finally I reinstalled via the same Installer Package that I had used previously, and for whatever reason it all installed, started and is working fine. Thanks for the quick response!
  2. I have just finished setting up ESET Endpoint Antivirus 6.4.2014.0 on all my office workstations. All running Windows 10. All are connected to my new ERA server and operating normally WITH THE EXCEPTION of my workstation. During the original ERA setup I tested the All-In-One installer on my PC before any other installations. At one point it completely fried my system and I ended up wiping, reformatting and reinstalling Windows 10. So at this point my PC is running a fresh install of Windows 10, All updates have been applied, my user account is an administrator, all Device Drivers including the
  3. Please forgive jumping in here with what is probably a well discussed topic but with the madness that is my schedule and a couple of searches not really turning up a clear answer here I just need to ask directly. I have had NOD32 running on about 30 machines. Our license is expiring in a few days and we have purchased a renewal, or so I thought, for the coming year. Instead of the same license being authorized for the coming year I received a completely different license key. I don't see anything on my original ELA site about adding the new license to these units and nothing on the ELA page f
  4. ESET Endpoint Security v After the last update neither Chrome nor Firefox are supported so I had to disable Phishing until that's fixed again. The Live Grid popup is very random. It seems to be popping up every time it refreshes the wifi connection. So as I wander between wifi networks and it switches from Cell to Wifi, or the phone goes to sleep then wakes up and refreshes the wifi, It connects to Live Grid and issues the Popup. It happens at completely random times and on any screen or app. On the home screen, when I open an app like Facebook, Messenger, Mail or Text.
  5. Apologies for the double post. First one didn't show up for a couple days so I thought it didn't submit
  6. My apologies for posting in the wrong forum. After posting the first time it didn't appear in the mobile forum for a couple days and I reposted and must not have paid attention to the forum I was in. Thanks for the replies and for submitting it as a possible new feature!
  7. TomasP I do not have that option in ESET Mobile. Under Settings there is the option for Permanent Notification which I have disabled per Support's instructions. Under Advanced I have Import/Export settings, Admin Password and Remote Administrator (disabled). There's nothing abou the User Interface or Notifications.
  8. 2nd time trying to post this. Is there any way to disable the notifications for connecting to live grid and the notice that it's going to scan every web site? It's driving me crazy! I know Live Grid is enabled and I know it's going to scan the websites and that's all good, but i can't get anything done because of the notification constantly popping up and interrupting what I'm doing
  9. I've recently deployed ESET Endpoint Protection on our office computers, administrative laptops and Android devices. I've googled quite a bit and had a support ticket open on this and haven't been able to find an answer or get tech support to even understand what I'm asking. Is there any way to simply disable the "Communicating with Live Grid" popup and the "ESET Scans every web page" popup? It's simply aggravating. I know Live Grid is enabled and I know it's scanning all the web pages so is it too much to ask that it just leave me the alone unless it finds a problem? Every time I try to text,
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