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  1. Is ESET blocking KB4058258 (Windows 10 16299.214)?

    you are absolutely right man. Just got KB4074588 which updated by Windows 10 to build 16299.248
  2. Is ESET blocking KB4058258 (Windows 10 16299.214)?

    Ok I installed NOD32 and rebooted and was immediately offered KB4074595 and KB4058258 which to my build up to 16299.214
  3. Is ESET blocking KB4058258 (Windows 10 16299.214)?

    I just formatted my laptop and didn't install NOD32, the latest updates offered were only up to 16299.125 so something is going on with Microsoft ESET has nothing to do with this.
  4. I have two Samsung 960 PRO 2TB SSDs in RAID 0 Here are my tests With the AV Enabled: With the AV Disabled Yes there is a difference but it's very small not like how bad as you mentioned.
  5. Is ESET blocking KB4058258 (Windows 10 16299.214)?

    Update to Windows 10 Versions 1507, 1511, 1607, and 1703 for update reliability: February 8, 2018
  6. Is ESET blocking KB4058258 (Windows 10 16299.214)?

    Yeah same here the .214 update KB4058258 is not being offered to me automatically through Windows Updates but I can install it manually. I think Microsoft has been strange lately with Windows updates as they've been releasing then pulling them again so it might be the fact that Microsoft is still investigating whether that update is 100% safe for everyone with no adverse effects. To download and install it manually: That's the link for the 64-Bit version (non Server edition), for all the links to all versions:
  7. ESET NOD 32 Antivirus

    While having themes would be nice, you shouldn't base your renewal upon it. An Antivirus is there to protect you, not to constantly keep opening it up and looking at it. In fact, I install it and forget it's even there, it is very rare that I open the user interface. If you are using an AV because it has nice colors and themes, then you have chosen the wrong product. Just my 2 cents worth.
  8. Internet browsing lag

    Hi Marcos, ever since I uninstalled the Killer Network Performance Suite the problem didn't happen again. Thanks
  9. Internet browsing lag

    Thanks for the detailed suggestion Marcos. What I just remembered is that I recently installed the Killer Performance Suite which is supposed to control bandwidth per app to prioritize certain apps. I just uninstalled that and will report back if I face the issue again, then I'll do those things you mentioned to troubleshoot. I have Adblock Plus with the following filters as well so I might disable that if I run into the issue as well before running those steps. These are my filters:
  10. Internet browsing lag

    I've been recently noticing a bit of a lag when accessing websites, I know the HTTP Scanner has to do its thing but like Gmail isn't even loading, it would hang on loading page for ages. I thought it's just a Gmail glitch at first. Today I tried accessing Gmail, and it just got stuck at loading Gmail.... I then disabled NOD32 and the page loaded instantly. What gives?
  11. ESET and KB4056892

    I just installed it manually and everything looks fine: Windows 10 Cumulative Update to Build 16299.192 First download the Cumulative update then install it: After the reboot, download and instal the Servicing Stack and install it:
  12. How is ESET the lightest?

    thanks a lot. that's the kinda answer I was looking for
  13. Despite some ups and downs and previous versions like v7 and v8, overall, ESET has been known ever since I started using it since v2 to be one of the most secure and lightest Antivirus at the same time My question is, what is this magic? how does it achieve this great security level, no false positives AND be the lightest?
  14. is this possible?

    All I can tell you is that in the 14 years that I've been using ESET NOD32 Antivirus (not even the Internet Security with its firewall), I have never gotten a virus and I do visit all kinds of sites you can imagine. ESET's HTTP scanner automatically blocks any bad sites/connections. nuff said. Take these tests with a grain of salt. I for one, will never trust Microsoft with my computer's security and their heavy Windows Defender.
  15. Future changes to ESET NOD32 Antivirus

    Another suggestion, I was using Emsisoft Anti-Malware for a while and I love how easy it is to whitelist/exclude files with it. The reason it's easier in EAM is because once you exclude a certain file or folder, the next time you open the exclude button, it automatically navigates to the last folder you were in. so let's say I went to C:\Program Files, then selected a folder to exclude, the next time I open exclusions to browse for the file/folder I want to exclude, it automatically starts the navigation in C:\Program Files making it very easy to whitelist the folders of programs I definitely want to exclude rather than having to start navigating from the beginning and going to C:, then expanding it, then again expanding Program Files. Takes a lot of time when one has a lot of stuff he wants to exclude. Another way we can do it is to have a checkbox selection in the exclude window so one can exclude multiple folders and/or files at the same time