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  1. There is no problem sice server restart case can be closed, i will update the mail security later.
  2. It is true it has not been restarted for at least 3 or 4 months or even much more. After windows updates, and a restart, the mail security seems working fine, no error or warning entries in the logs. I will report back after a couple days.
  3. no-no i have 7.0.10019.0. i just linked probably the wrong article, and also missunderstood the ESMC upgrade article. The only way to update the version is to reinstall the product. Am i correct?
  4. If I understand this article: https://support.eset.com/en/kb7010-upgrade-eset-mail-security-for-microsoft-exchange-server-from-4x-to-the-latest-version-7x I have to do a reinstall. edit: https://help.eset.com/emsl/7.0/en-US/installation_upgrade_era.html I will try upgrading via ESMC
  5. This is in production environment. If there is newer server OS released and something worng with the older one you can not always reinstall the newer OS, and hope for the error gone. But I do understand the newer version possibly comes with advantages, so I will try to update the product. Could you please link some article how to do it? I never done before.
  6. Dear support! We have on premise exchange 2013 running on Windows server 2016 standard and eset mail security version 7.0.10019.0. Today I logged in to the server, and the eset mail warned me about the Antivirus protection module, that something is not okay i dismissed the messeage. I checked the logs, and started Eset shell, used the get status command, to check the status of the modules, and all are enabled, getting the "maximum protection" messeage. To be sure, I turned off and on the module, everything looks fine. But, in the log files I still see warnings, look for the picture attach
  7. I tired the following: in eras web console, the test computer click deativate products. Replicated to all servers, at licence management pressed the action\sync licenses, waited 30+ mins, nothing happened. Went to eba.eset.com, searched for test computer, deactiveted online, result was almost instant. Okay, activation task, with different licences from eras Go! Done. Some update i saw, but now i am confused, at licenes it says multiple license. At eras it says it have the old licence. I do not happy with the result. What i am doing wrong?
  8. Hi. I am still doing this task. I made dynamic groups, with some conditions like Device identifiers . Identifier type = (equal) Computer name Device identifiers . Identifier value has prefix "Company-A" OS edition . OS name ≠ (not equal) Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard OS edition . OS name ≠ (not equal) Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Standard Installed software . Application name = (equal) ESET Endpoint Antivirus Copmuters are appeared okay, but if i create a new product activation task, it is not working. Task finishing succesfully but no licence change made. S
  9. Dear all! We have ESMC server ver. 7.1 installed in a domain, where multiple organizations working. We have one central server, but 2 different licences, with different products and activation seat numbers. The collegues of mine doing the installs, accidentally mixed the licenses. My goal is to have company A use the licene AND product type which is rightfull to company A and so too company B. I need a solution for mass product licence change AND product type change. (product type change: company A has endpoint antivirus with more licence number, company B has endpoint security with
  10. No services crash since update, i think topic can be closed
  11. I missclicked, today i did the server upgrade, it went okay. So now i think we are waiting if it crashes again.
  12. performed tried to perform a full backup, started upgrade task, it was succesfull, i see no changes. I do server reboot, run task again, still nothing changed. No error. followed this: https://help.eset.com/era_admin/65/en-US/client_tasks_upgrade_components.html and this: https://help.eset.com/era_install/65/en-US/components_upgrade.html article. What am i doing wrong? Or what am i missing? Where should i dig?
  13. Dear all! Our era server is operation at a virtual windows server 2012 r2, with 16 gb ram. The server has Version 6.5 (6.5.522.0) (Web Console), has Version 6.5 (6.5.388.0). We have Connected Clients: 228. Some time to time something is going worng and the EraServerSvc starts crashing for days-weeks, running couple of hours and then stops (we have mointoring systems reporting this). I set the log level at web console (server settings\advanced settings) from warning to trace, but if the server crashed, the logs are missing. Windows event log only says, the EraServerSvc service stoppe
  14. I think the installing user has the access, i will try it.
  15. Dear all! I recently installed the newest ESMC from the "all-in-one-installer" option. Everything went okay, but i am missing the sql settings part. I something goes wrong how can i acces the newly created database?
  16. No crash since weekend, i think we can close the topic, if the problem will come again, i will post back.
  17. no *.dmp files in c:\Program Files\ESET c:\ProgramData\ESET no files in: C:\ProgramData\ESET\RemoteAdministrator\Server\EraServerApplicationData\Dumps\ side note: yesterday the service did not stopped, nothing changed, strange
  18. Hi, sorry forget to mention, i stated with windows logs, i only found that the eset process has unexpectedly stopped, and it is the 6.th time. Could you tell me where is this special directory? Seached programdata for *.log and found the directory i already mentioned, some agent log, and some rogue detection sensor log. Neither is what i am looking for. Where should i find it?
  19. Hello, we have an eras 6.5 installed on Win2012 R2. Today the EraServerSvc service stopped 4 times. We have monitoring system which is alerting us. I am looking for some help, how to troubleshoot. I looked c:\ProgramData\ESET\RemoteAdministrator\Server\EraServerApplicationData\Logs\ last-error, status, trace logs, but i could not find usefull information. Maybe there is a way to increase log level? I am not sure, maybe our server is running out of memory, but the service is not allocating more thank 80 MB memory. This just a guess. Any help would be nice Thank you,
  20. I contacted our local vendor, they helped us, we were on eset cloud list. They removed us. They are still investigating why is the reason. If i do not forget i will post back if needed.
  21. Dear Eset support! I think we are getting false positve reports. We are using Microsoft Exchange 2013 and Windows Server 2016 and Eset Mail Security Version 7.0.10019.0. Mail are getting quarantined. The Reason is „URL (our domain 1 of 4) found on cloud black list. We check a lot of black lists, or mail server ip and the our domain, still we are not listed anywhere. I looked all the header infos none of the ip is blacklisted and released a the mail. It is from our partner, we do not understand why is this happening. Could you poin me how to fix this? Thank you
  22. At safe mode uninstall worked like a charm.
  23. Maybe it can, never tried, could you recommend a tool? This can be a solution but we must test it first at our office.
  24. Dear all! I am tring to uninstall an ESET Remote Admin Agent ver 6.3. I tried nod av remover, eset uninstaller, uninstall from ERAS server, from client site no success. From client side if i start uninstalling, or installing no matter, it keeps asking for Agent_x64.msi installation package. From support.eset.com from the 6.3 section i downloaded the agent both x64 and x86 none worked getting a "not valid installation package" messeage. This is a remote pc, booting from safe mode is not an option. Edit: i also tried creating a full installation package from ERAS server, and start to insta
  25. Dear all! I contacted my local vendor, and the give a ridiculously simple answer: remove the license from admin\ license management, and then re add it. And it worked!!
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