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  1. I just saw this forum after searching for topics on this Virus ( PDF/Phishing.A.Gen trojan ). Got two alerts (one a few weeks before the other)regarding it and scanned (multiple scanning engines) with no results. Looked in the indicated location and nothing was found. Go another alert two days after the last alert. This time we discovered that in the Windows/temp folder pdf files with similar names are being generated and deleted in about second (not enough time to scan them - have a video of this process). We also discovered that if Outlook is closed the auto-generation stops. I tr
  2. Still getting this error and we are on update 14145
  3. This issue has not gone away. We are currently getting reports from these sites (within the past 3 days), and we are way beyond the recommended update. hxxp://king-county. gov contains HTML/Refresh.BC Trojan. hxxp://lowes .coom contains HTML/Refresh.BC Trojan. hxxp://sirius.c o pm contains HTML/Refresh.BC Trojan. ​ hxxp://www.burstbeac on.com/beacon/56091/0/rtbconversion/0 contains HTML/Refresh.BC Trojan. Is the some kind of mediation that can be preformed on the server. ​ ​
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