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  1. Fixed. Suddenly, the ESET servers in Japan are now very responsive. I assume you took the issue up with Canon IT. Thank you.
  2. MartinK, ERA Server is located in Japan. It makes sense that might be the problem, as Canon IT handles ESET in Japan and they do a very poor job. I cannot even download MSIs directly from their local ESET site because they require email authorization with a sales rep for each download. I use the "International (English)" site for all direct MSI downloads. Is there a way to force the ERA Server to use a non-local ESET source? It would be an excellent test anyway, even if it is not a sustainable solution. Note: having HTTP proxy enabled or disabled makes no difference in Ai
  3. ERA Server 6.5.522.0 ERA Web Console 6.5.388.0 ESET Endpoint Security 6.6.2086.1 ESET File Security for Windows Server 6.5.12017.0 Any attempt to download an AiO installer (32-bit or 64-bit) fails, with vague "Internal server error" message (see attached example), but downloading the MSI installers directly from ESET web site (on same machine as ERA Server) works without fail. Disabling firewall and other applications has no effect. Any attempt to update ESET application on client machine (desktop or server) from the ERA server fails, but doing so directly on t
  4. Endpoint Security 6.5.2107 fixed the problem. As soon as I attempting installing with the new file everything proceeded normally. Thank you very much!
  5. I am experiencing a similar issue to post 9664 "Installation failed - sufficient privileges to stop system services" (9/29/2016), which never listed a resolution. Using All-in-one installer (agent + ees) to perform a fresh install of Eset (not an upgrade) on a clean install of Windows 10 Pro, Creators Update. It successfully installs the Agent, but fails to install Endpoint Security. I have tried using network administrator credentials, domain administrator credentials, and local administrator credentials. I have tried installing over the network and locally. I have tried installin
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