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  1. Hi. Last week our mail server (Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard 64-bit) was shut down (no UPS power) due to a power failure in the city grid. When the power returned the mail server (virtual server with vmware) was rebooted and all seemed fine. But now suddenly ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange Server does not report anything else than general status, last connected, alerts and detections. Everything else like task status, policy status, version is not updated at all and the server does not respond on SYSinspect requests. For example: If a reboot task is scheduled, the server
  2. An update. Seems to be working now (except the minor bug in the Syslog viewer).
  3. Today I requested an SysInspector log for further analysis and I was rather surprised because the log says that the GUI-version is v. 7.1.10009.0? Is it possible that everything is fine but ECA just won't detect the new version properly? Maybe the problem is related to the agent (EMA)? See attached jpg. Note: I also noticed that when viewing the SYSlog in the ECA webGUI, the information about the module for advanced spam database seems broken but works fine when viewing from desktop application (NOD32 non business v. See attached jpg.
  4. Checked the task configuration and it's says it's going to install v. 7.1.10009.0 ASAP and auto-reboot if needed. See attached jpg.
  5. I recently ran the update once more by clicking the red part of bar chart (server bar chart) in dashboard and then choose ''Update installed ESET products...''. Then there is only one update available (ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange Server, 7.1.10009.0, en_US). The result is unfortunately exactly the same as before. It also seems like the auto-reboot doesn't work either because after about 30 minutes the computer still hasn't rebooted. But as soon as I manually create a reboot task the computer reboots.
  6. I would like to run a command for all of our Windows 10 computers in our network in a single task with ECA. But we have some old computers in our network that has been upgraded to Win 10 but doesn't run the OS from drive letter C for some reason. I'm currently testing this on my workstation but the command fails in ECA when setting working directory to %SYSTEMROOT%\System32 and works in ECA when setting working directory to C:\WINDOWS\System32 . Am I doing wrong or do i have to access every computer to find out the drive letter and create individual commands?
  7. Well it hasn't been 24 hours yet(about 20) since I began the first update yesterday but for now it says ESET Mail Security under ''Security Product'' and 7.1.10008.0 under ''Security Product Version''. The computer also display green check mark status and last connected 2019 Jul 31 11:34:34. The bar chart in dashboard still prompts me about the outdated version and likewise in the related computer's overview. I'll try to run the update once more later today. EDIT: I also forgot to mention in the first post that we are connected to the eu01.eca.eset.com server for ECA.
  8. After trying to update ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange Server to the latest 7.1.10009.0 (en_US), ECA still says it is version 7.1.10008.0. Everything works normally when updating and when the update is complete(as the task manager says), the server displays a critical message as usual about the successful installation but must restart to take effect. Then when the server has communicated with ECA and shows normal operation again (green check mark) after reboot it stills says version 7.1.10008.0. Unfortunately I don't have direct access to the server so I can't see what's goin
  9. https://beacons.gvt2.com also get's blocked constant on my PC when using default settings(parent) with Parental Control, almost every second minute. It's blocked by Security and Malware category. It seems like Google in Mountain View, California, United States is hosting it. False alarm or suspicious behavior?
  10. I'm not entirely sure but I think that some of these updates can be related to driver updates in windows device manager. Driver that windows update doesn't update automatically or notify about. I haven't seen this ESET notify in a long time since I expanded every branch in the device manager tree and clicked update drivers and searched for new drivers on every single component in the tree. And there were alot of new drivers even though the windows 10 was fully updated and clean installed recently.
  11. Description: Image/video thumbnail/URL filter support for search engines in Parental Control (similar to Google SafeSearch). Detail: ESET Parental Control does a good job when it comes to blocking website access but children doesn't have to visit those sites because search engines still show enough content. For example, if your Google search contains a sexual word Google will present you the world's biggest pornographic magazine with tons of pictures and motion pictures (GIF's). Even from websites that are blocked from access. I don't use Pare
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