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  1. From eset_eav_8_userguide_fra.pdf : Microsoft® Windows® 8.1/8/7/Vista/XP SP3+ 32 bits/XP SP2+ 64 bits/Home Server 2003 SP2 32 bits/Home Server 2011 64 bits ---> Microsoft® Windows® XP SP2+ 64 bits = OK but Server 2003 SP2 32 bits = NOT OK My operating system : Microsoft Windows XP Professional x64 Edition Version 2003 Service Pack 2 So yes or no for version 8 ?
  2. I was reading a review about the "Je suis Charlie" virus here hxxp://www.csoonline.com/article/2871018/malware-cybercrime/je-suis-charlie-malware-shows-attackers-agility.html?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=twitter " New malware piggy-backing on the viral "Je suis Charlie" slogan demonstrates the continuing evolution of malware writers, able to respond to trends quickly and with a robust distribution infrastructure. The new malware, based on DarkComet RAT code, was spotted within 24 hours of the attack against the Charlie Hedbo satirical newspaper last week in Paris, according to researchers from Sunnyvale, Calif.-based Blue Coat Systems, Inc. And it was clever enough to get around antivirus scanners -- according to Blue Coat, only 2 out of 53 antivirus programs were able to detect it as of Wednesday." Does Eset Nod32 is one of this 2 AV ?
  3. Service Pack 3 has never been released for Windows XP Professional x64, only the 32 bits version has SP3. Microsoft never developed a Service Pack 3 for the Windows XP 64-bit version. My windows is up to date at April 2014. Edit : Nod32 v8 won't install on XP 64 bits.
  4. I have Nod32 v 7.0.314.4. My Operating system is Windows XP Professional x64 edition Version 2003 Service Pack 2. Is it worth to upgrade to version 8 ? Thank you.
  5. I set everything to maximum protection & strict cleaning. HIPS in automatic mode.
  6. Hello, The new Nod32 is available in french canadian. How is it different from french from France ??? Thank you.
  7. This is an easier solution : 1) download the ISO from here hxxp://download.eset.com/special/sysrescue-iso/eset-sysrescue. 2) for a CD, burn the image. For a bootable USB, use YUMI or SYSLINUX
  8. Win32/PSW.Papras.CK (wiupdat.exe or another random name)
  9. Simply by opening Firefox 10.0.12 ESR with javascript enabled. The start page I have chosen is clean (political) but a new executable file was created in the temp folder. Maybe a malicious redirection, all I can say is that it is related with the browser. And yes I uploaded it to virustotal and only 2 reported it as trojan (not Eset yet).
  10. Hello, In the evening of June 29, my firewall alerts a suspicious program wants to connect to internet. I run an anti malware software which confirms that this newly created file is a trojan. Nod32 does not detect it. I follow the protocol given by Eset to submit them a maybe infected file (samples@eset.com). Today, on 30 june, I look at virusradar.com and notice that it has been added to the 10024 virus definition database. Well done Eset. As you can see, do not hesitate to send them a suspicious file because it is not a waste of time.
  11. Yes but without success. However, I inserted an USB key, it loaded the ISO then I burnt it on a CD. This is called a "work around".
  12. The new version seems interesting but I cannot select the CD/DVD option. I have inserted a blank CD+RW. OS : Windows xp pro 64 bits.
  13. Nod32 says it is Win32/HackTool.WinActivator.I On Virust*t*l 21 out of 50 AV flag it us such. What I do not understand is why the the file EXE is flagged and once it has been run from a USB stick, an outside scan of the mbr returns nothing. I guess it modifies the mbr because it is loaded before Windows is started.
  14. Hello, Nod32 warned the user of a PUA when it first saw the executable (on a USB key) allowing to alter the MBR. Fine. But it was not able to see that the MBR of Windows 7 had been altered by a loader. The scan was made from a bootable cdrom with Eset Sysrescue in order not to be fooled by a rootkit or another bad thing deeply hidden. The scanning of MBR has been also asked. Is it Eset policy or is it too difficult to detect ?
  15. For an unknown reason, the certifcate was not automaticly imported and I had to record it in a file then import it manually in the browser. This also solved the problem of secured web pages. Thank you Marcos.
  16. Hello, I have a multi boot, Windows Xp pro X64 and Windows 7 home premium X64. 1) I have noticed something strange on win7 : an option is missing in the advanced menu, below Protocol filtering - See the 2 pictures below : hxxp://jan.imghost.us/6Wmz.jpg hxxp://jan.imghost.us/6WZM.jpg 2) Always in win7 and Firefox 10.0.12 ESR. Each time I access a htpps web page, FF says the connection is not safe and gives me the choice to get out here or add an exception. Moreover, the certifcate of Nod32 has not been imported in this browser. Thanks for helping.
  17. I have solved it by downloading the version 4.09 from majorgeeks. Thnks.
  18. Hello, I have nod32 v7. Today, I wanted to download the free new Ccleaner 4.10 from Piriform, ccsetup410.exe". Nod32 says it is a potentially dangerous program because there is a g**gle Toolbar in the installer. No warning was given In the previous versions of nod32. So did Eset change something in its V7 detection? Or does Piriform use a new trick for its toolbar ? Previous versions of ccleaner also had this toolbar and let the user to install it or not.
  19. Hello, I have just installed the new Nod32 V7. On the pdf documentation, I read on chapter "When creating a System startup file check scheduled task, you have several options to adjust the following parameters" and "The Scan level drop-down menu" and "Two specific Scan level". This is not clear. The AV already scans important files when the PC starts, this is not a new feature. However I cannot access these menus. Can someone explain ? Thank you.
  20. Hello, I have Nod32 v6 for windows XP Pro 64 bits and want to upgrade to v7. By reading the documention in PDF, I notice I can upgrade from the menu of the AV or "over" the old one or by downloading the offline installer. I wish the cleanest method. Thank you.
  21. The exact error message is : "Your browser supports websockets but cannot get a connection. Maybe you are behind a proxy that does not support websockets. Ask your administrator to fix it." I use Firefox 10.0.12 ESR (version of firefox long term support) with Shockwave Flash plugin.OS is Window s XP Professional x64 edition, veersion 2003, service pack 2. I can exclude from filtering this web adress : *.lichess.* so it works well. I don't know if I am still possibly protected. I must use wildcards because it may change to static.lichess.org etc... No problem under Ubuntu since I have no AV.
  22. Hello, I use Nod32 v6.0.316. I have a problem with a chess web site lichess.org. It says something about my "browser webkits". Disabling Nod32 allows me to see all the features of this site but I would prefer a safe method. Thank you.
  23. Germans are smarter than you Arena so they deserve to be served first. AmeriCaCa will wait...
  24. Hello, I have windows xp professional X64 edition and Nod32 6.1.316.1. I have just installed Thunderbird ESR 10.0.12. ESR means it is a long time support version with critical security updates only. When looking at the addons tab, I see that "Eset smart Security extension 6.0.316.0 (desactivated) becaust not compatible with Thunderbird 10.0.12. 1) Why is it called Smart security instead of Nod32 ? with the wrong ending number. 2) why incompatible ? 3) Am I still protected or not ? Thank you.
  25. Hello, And why do I get this message only at the very first session of Firefox of the day after powering on the computer ? Thank you.
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