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  1. Hello Marcos, I no longer get the 20009 error after removing the proxy from Advanced setup > Tools > Proxy Server , but now get an ECP.4100 error. Do you know what an ECP.4100 error means and how to resolve it? Jeff
  2. When I try to activate a product I get an Activation Failed (ECP 20009) error which I believe is being caused by the activation tool trying to reach my RA server on it's local IP address rather than it's internet IP or FQDN. The RA server sits remote to the client that I get the error on. Please see attached output from Wireshark that shows the client is trying to hit my RA proxy (port 3128) on it's local IP address. How do I set the remote IP or Hostname which the activation tool to use? BTW, I successfully activated a product on the network that is local to the RA server. Any help is appreciated.
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