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  1. It may have been a good idea to have a final release available before warning users that their protection was going to end and provide a link to v9 which is not Eset Internet Security. Just an opinion. On Edit: I entered my license key for v9.x and Eset registered it. No more warning. Agreed and the reinput of the key works for me too
  2. With 13 days of the beta remaining and that there are 14 days of the month left. I'd say that more or less coincides.
  3. Yeah it is but as far as I know a final out of beta has not been released. There is the possibility that I am missing some news here. Yeah I assume you're right
  4. I'm assuming that the beta trial has ended, hence getting this warning? I have received the same warning just now
  5. Magic, I appreciate that ken1943 and I believe you are right in what you are saying. Many thanks
  6. My firewall is set to default to what Eset offers when setting up my home profile upon installation. So to me, Public doesn't even sound right, in fact, I wouldn't even know this was an option for a home network, hence my immediate answer. I don't have any printers on my network. All I was asking was if anyone would be able to shed any light as to what this flood was. I'm beginning to think it was a false positive
  7. The router is set to deny all devices unless added and the SSID isn't the same on the router as I changed it. I have several devices that connect to the internet via the router. Consoles via a wired connection and laptop (Running Win 10) 2 x smartphones and 2 x tablets that connect wirelessly. I've run Eset's own software on her phone and it has detected no threats. I have run another security package on her phone and that also detected no threats. It doesn't make sense.
  8. Hi I've totally forgotten that I'd posted this on here. Some reason I expected to get a notification that I received a reply. Anyway, I do not understand your reply, how else can I get the phone to connect to our home WiFi?
  9. Hi Wondering if anyone can shed any light on the issue that's just shown from my Eset Smart Security software. I was browsing on my laptop when a pop-up warned me of a detected TCP flooding attack and gave me the IP address which is on my network. I have logged into my router and saw that it was the IP address of my partner's smartphone. I've asked he what she was up to and she said she'd just sent a photo via WhatsApp and then was browsing Facebook. Can anyone shed any light as to what the phone has attempted to do? I've looked online but more than likely am Googling the wrong phrase. PS I have run a scan on her phone and nothing has come up. Thanks for reading
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