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  1. Problem solved, it wasn`t ESET related at all because i had accidentally missed to install a software on my PC required to make the mediaplayer work together with the PC.
  2. Is there anything else i can try from ESET settings to make it visible again?
  3. @itman Thank you, just what i was looking for. I have it set to "block communication that uses the certificate" now.
  4. Hi Marcos, This is just one out of many sites that ESET warns about, hence my question if there is a way to disable these messages and instead auto block/allow? For me as a average user, i really don`t know if i should block or allow. This decision should be not be placed on the user because i would assume that most will not have the knowledge if it`s a trusted certificate or not.
  5. Hi, I keep getting these pop-ups about untrusted certificates when i browse with Firefox, i really don`t know if i should allow or block and it can get really annoying after a while with these pop-ups. Can i disable these messages somehow?
  6. Hi Marcos, No, i just tried to disable the firewall but it still doesn`t show up as a drive. But i can see the unit showing up in Windows (see screenshot), it`s just that i can`t access the content on the the device. It should appear in the list right below but it doesn`t. Hmm.. Any other suggestions?
  7. Hi all, new member here I have a PC running windows 10 and Eset Smart Security 9. Ever since i installed version 9 of ESS, i can no longer access my media player on the PC. With ESS 8, this worked fine but after updating, it`s not working anymore. I tried to unblock it from Setup --> Network Protection -->Recently blocked applications or devices but after unblocking the media player from the list, it still doesn`t show up under network drives. The player is hard wired to my Netgear router. How should i do to make it visible again?
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