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  1. I tried disabling it one toggle at a time, but eventually I had to remove the software altogether. It's moot at this point since I won't be renewing my subscription. I need a product that will protect me AND stay out of my way.
  2. This is not for the Pro product. There is no indication that you are blocking the popup. This is the latest MacOS, High Sierra, and I always run product updates when they are offered so I am sure it is a reasonably current version of ESET
  3. When ESET is enabled, my Mac will not connect to public wifi that requires a login. For example, yesterday I was at a business center. My Mac connected to the wifi, but it did not work, since ESET blocked the popup to accept the terms and conditions. This happens often and I basically end up disabling ESET altogether, which kind of defeats the purpose. What's the point of security that's so tight that you have to disable it to use your computer?
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