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  1. 330 MB of files downloaded today, and ekrn.exe seems to be hovering at 140MB RAM used. Seems to be working OK. The Internet protection module: 1255 (20160601) arrived without the need to switch to "Pre-release" updates. I'm going to stop thinking about this - at least until the problem comers back. (Hopefully that is an "if.") Well done ESET. I hope my faith is restored.
  2. The problem is continuing on XP. I did not test Win 7 with the IPM 1254. Memory use by ekrn.exe seems to grow at a slower rate, but it is growing, so I feel the issue has been made less intrusive, but it is not fixed. The link given above with the statement "Today i confirm again : solved with https://forum.eset.c...k-come/?p=44873" is simply page one of this same thread, so no fix is "confirmed."
  3. Spoke too soon. With 3.1 GB downloaded, ekrn.exe is up to 589 MB. On it's way to failure. Time to shop for a new AV supplier.
  4. About 200 MB of files downloaded, and ekrn.exe is hovering around 117MB memory in use. This looks like problem solved. Thanks for the help!
  5. I now see that I have an Internet Protection Module older than 1254. Thank you. Support is better when you don't assume that the person you are helping knows as much as you do. I am getting helped in tiny increments here, and I do appreciate it, but of course the next question is why don't I have 1254, and more important how to get it. Not being a nube, I figured out that I need to switch to the Pre-release update in Advanced Settings - Update Settings, and then do a virus signature database update. I now have 1254. I will test it and report back.
  6. It would be great to have a fix, but I am not aware of the designation "version 1254 of the internet module." I have V7 (7.0.325.1) on XP and V8 (8.0.312.0) on Windows 7. How does "version 1254 of the internet module" relate to these? On V7, if I click the button to check for updates, it offers V8. Does this include the fix? It seems not since I have the same problem on V8 in Win7. Please advise how I can get this fix. Thanks.
  7. I have version 7.0.325.1 running on XP. As I am browsing and downloading files, or streaming TWC-TV, the memory used by ekrn,exe grows until it exceeds 1 to 1.5 GB. I do not reboot daily, so eventually the Virus Definition update fails with a "fatal error." A reboot restarts ekrn.exe at about 130 MB. Is this going to be fixed and an update issued to V7? I was told by ESET support that when running XP, the highest version recommended is V7. I have a Windows 7 box running V8 (8.0.312.0) that shows the same memory usage growth behavior. Will there be a fix for this as well? I have been a loyal customer, renewing my license for over ten years and recommending ESET professionally and personally. I will have to consider dropping ESET if this issue is not resolved. Other posts have observed that this problem has come and gone as the software has been updated. I have never had this issue before about six months ago. I have always browsed and downloaded and very rarely reboot. Please fix this problem.
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