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  1. No, no other web sites have this problem, only this forum, but I tried it with multiple browsers and computers, all had the same problem. I have since changed authorization to use Facebook to login. I don't have this problem with it, (although I really didn't want to connect using Facebook.) It was only when using email and password that I have the problem. Before using the Facebook login, I was having to reset my password each time I returned to the Eset forum site.
  2. I'm finding that the last few times I have tried to log in the forum does not recognize my password. I am forced to reset my password every time. I change it, save it locally on my computer, and the next time I try to log into the forum, it says it is wrong. I am cutting and pasting, so I know it is right. I have tried multiple browsers with the same result. Anyone else experiencing this? I've resorted to just resetting my password each time I return here.
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