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  1. Hello Eset forum. I tried eset and liked it but it was causing lots of conflicts on my pc. I only have had it for 4 days and put back on my old security suite. I have contacted eset via email because they said there is a 30 day no questions asked gaurantee. I havent had any luck after 5 days of emails to eset. Any other email contacts that I can get or something to help me on my refund process would be great. Please help me if you can. Thank you kindly.
  2. Hi everyone. I just first want to thank Eset for having such a great security suite. You guys def. have a great product. I have been testing suites, and anti-virus for 7 years now and I always come back to your product. Just a few little ideas id like to share with the Eset programers and designers. Id love to see a search advisor for the 3 major web browsers and with the the major search engines. This can really help ppl from going into bad websites. Id love to see more hueristics and cloud to team up with your amazing signature protection. I see your working on the Hips which is great idea. I would like to see less ram usuage..the product is very fast but does use lots of ram. Interface looks nice on V6..id like to see a option page for ppl if they want a more Windows 8 userface, etc. For the facbook scanner would be nice when your looking at your posts and there can be a green check mark showing you that other friends post are safe and red if there not. Last maybe a virtual keyboard or safe pay for credit card transactions or banking mode, and last but not least a chat encrption for skype, Paltalk, Yahoo Messenger, etc.. These small features would def. put Eset over the top. Looking forward to your replies and keep up the good work Eset. Hitman 07
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