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  1. Hi Tomas, thanks for approving my account. Today it seems as fast as normal. I fixed my post and attached the WinMTR screenshots from last week where it was slow here. Please see https://forum.eset.com/topic/8507-virus-signature-update-is-slow-or-unavailable/#entry45147 Thorsten
  2. Hi, please approve my first two posts. It may help ESET to get the slow downloads of signatures fixed. Thanks Thorsten
  3. I forgot to mention that the download speed is in Bytes/s constantly, which you can see in this screenshot. Sometime the update download failes a few times before it completes successfull. It may take 30-90 Minutes until...didn't watch the clock. Thorsten
  4. Hello, we have this problem since yesterday, too. Location is Cologne, Germany and it looks like a Problem with the DE-CIX/Level 3/Cogent in Frankfurt or behind? I tracerouted to the ESET-Update servers yesterday and today and attached screenshots. Doesn't look like a problem on my provider's side (Netcologne), because all routes until Frankfurt (DE-CIX?) are okay, or? I started rolling out ESET in our company yesterday and it's quite slow to download the 51 megabytes update signatures for the first time, so that the user can work again after 30-60 Minutes downtime (we have circa 17,5mbit/s SHDSL connection). Hope my screenshots will give you a hint where to fix this problem. Edit: Oh, I have to attach each image manually...fixed it now. -.- I'll try to deploy another client in a few minutes, so I'll check if it's still that slow and give feedback. Thorsten
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