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  1. Thank you, I shall try. Unfortunately the Ubuntu version provided really disagrees with my laptop: Unstable display, dropped Ethernet link... Not sure I can fix that. WIll there be an updated Ubuntu in the next version? Best regards, -- D.
  2. So I have downloaded "ESET SysRescue Live" from hxxp://www.eset.com/int/download/utilities/detail/family/239/on WIndows This is an installer which downloads an image then writes it to an USB stick. This works well. Booting my Latitude DELL E5540 with the stick works. The stick is actually an Ubuntu 12.04.4 Long-Term-Support edition (published 2014-02-06). Nice. Problems with this: It somehow does not like my Nvidia Graphics Card, as windows may flicker away into nothingness. Can we have more keyboard layouts than the US only? Ok, so, the network is up. The scanner says that it is using "Update 9551" of 2014-03-17. A bit oldish. Clicking on "update" tells me "update is not necessary". This is either the wrong error message or a lie. I figure I should enter the username and password I got when I got the NOD32 license into that window.... However, that doesn't change anything, "update is not necessary". Yeah right. What am I doing wrong?
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