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  1. The guys from Comodo have both suggested I uncheck ESET settings. I wrote back and asked him if I should take out both or just the HIPS and leave Defence. You are the only one who has posted from ESET so I say follow the thread and I'll let you know what I do. I am not going to downgrade. I have had enough with musical security settings. I'll either leave as is or uncheck one of the programs settings. What do you think?
  2. As the topic title says both programs I'm using have a HIPS setting and a Defence. Should I disable one or the other and if so which one or should I just let them both run? The ESET setting is set to configure automatic rules. For now I have both running. When I consulted the Comodo forum about this they thought I should disable the ESET HIPS setting. Go figure. Can't wait to hear from someone on this and hopefully whatever your answer is you will at least justify it.
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