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  1. Thank you for answering me. I am not noticing this anymore... @peteyt: When I had this problem - through setup, turning off manually antimalware and internet (firewall on) protection, AND then entering in gamer mode (in all meanings). And once again БРАВОBRAVO for the new gui.
  2. Hi, guys, just to say a thing or two about ESS9. So, I've installed it on my antique machine - OS - Windows XP, 1.6gb, 1gb RAM, Intel Atom the other day. Firstly, the good. ESET's got a GUI that it deserved. Cheers! Excellent work! Readible menus and easy to navigate GUI for the everyday Joe (like me). You could have made a terrible, terrible thing. I don't want to mention the names of some your competitors and the awful things they've done with their apps, but I'm sure, you know what I mean. Or you could have left it untouched. Well, it wouldn't be disaster, but this GUI is better for me.
  3. Hi, there! Wanted to write you about an incident I've experienced while testing ESET Ultitimately Smart Extremely Strong Security v.7 or just ESS 7. So, I was testing (not sure why) the program against PC Security Test 2011: hxxp://download.cnet.com/PC-Security-Test-2011/3000-2239_4-10696151.html . On one of the questions, I hesitated and exactly then came and the crash of the GUI. I couldn't move anything on the desktop and after a minute or two a pop-up in the lower right corner told me I was running out of free hard disk space. Another pop-up came telling me something like "Sorry for
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