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  1. Dear All: If this issue is on the forum and been answered, I apologize for duplicating the post but I've used the search tool and not gotten any results. Here are the basic facts: 1) ESET File Security (latest version installed 2 May) 2) Server 2012 R2 3) Clients all Win 7 Ultimate (3) + client Win 8.1 (1) 4) Error - MS Antimalware Real-Time Protection feature encounters an error and fails 5) Only machine affected so far is the client workstation I'm using to logon to the Eset ERA 6) The error is locking up the client and only a hard equipment reboot of the workstation brings back functionality on the workstation Has this been encountered before? I'm posting on the forum as it is Saturday and support is closed on weekends. Note: I'm still grappling with installing this, so far, I have the era up and running on the server, the era agents installed on the clients, and I've set up a group with the clients. I'm about to set a policy for the group to see if that will push out the anti-virus, right now the clients have not received any anti-virus protection that I can perceive. Any help appreciated, Scott Roe
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