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  1. Hi All, Its working from InTune *Endpoint using the command above. This is for the Live installer downloaded from our ESET Cloud Protect portal. Obviously you'll need to convert the .exe into a .intunewin file first, but it is now working and deploying without issue.
  2. I should add that running the command manually epi_win_live_installer.exe --silent --accepteula --avr-disable from the command line on the machine, with admin rights also does.... you've guessed it... nothing (or its doing it very slowly in the background, I've waited an hour). So clearly the switches for the on prem ESMC don't work with cloud protect. Frustrating would be one word for it.
  3. Same issue here. We actually want to deploy the live installer from Intune as the idea is that the machines will be automatically configured when they connect to the internet. The switches don't seem to work on the live installer that comes with Cloud protect, and there doesn't seem to be a list of all of the switches (I've tried the old /? /help and --help but to no avail. We're moving client devices off the On Prem AD and keeping that for the server infrastructure and all Windows 10 Clients will be in AAD, with InTune (or Endpoint as its now called). This carry on of using file shares and GPO's to deploy software is from the '90s. The command we're trying to run is:- epi_win_live_installer.exe --silent --accepteula --avr-disable
  4. Hi Michael, Thanks very much for that information, its a big help, and I understand more clearly now the way licensing works. It will be good to have a more structured method for DMZ servers in future, so I will keep monitoring the website for updates over the months ahead. Many thanks.
  5. I have the same issue. We are now on ERA 6.5 and there are a number of duplicate machines in ELA (in one case 4). I don't understand why, if machines are managed by ERA, they need to communicate directly with ELA at all. We have a number of machines in a DMZ which ELA reports as not connecting to the license server for x days. These machines are all managed by ERA and have been activated by ERA, so why are they even trying to communicate directly with ELA. Could this be the cause of the problem with duplicates, i.e. where the machine is communicating with both ERA and ELA for its license?
  6. Hi Marcos, Thanks for your help the other day, all working well now.
  7. Hi All, we have just upgraded to 6.5 from 6.4 on ESET Security for Windows Servers. ERA agent and ERA are also running 6.5. ERA is now showing every server as critical because "Anti Phishing protection is non-functional" Anti Phishing is enabled on an ERA policy, as is Web access protection. Has anyone a suggestions to ether disable the critical alert or make the anti phishing functional. Many thanks
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